The Art of Looking Effortless

Effortless = confidence. Confidence = style.

The most important aspect of looking effortless is attitude.

Within the men’s style scene the term ‘sprezzatura’ is one of the highest of compliments. The Italian concept encourages a 'sartorial nonchalance'; to hide all care and effort put into an outfit with an air of indifference. And this is just as applicable to women.

If you’ve put a fantastic outfit together, but seemingly couldn’t care less about it, that screams confidence. It looks as if you just threw it on without any real consideration and automatically happened to look fabulous. So to achieve real effortlessness, pick the best clothes, put them together in the best way, and then don’t give your outfit a second thought. Because you know you look good. And everyone else will too.

But there are also a few deliberate tweaks you can make to your outfit to convey an air of nonchalance. Here's my first tip, with more to come in the future:

Do the roll or push up

Rolling or pushing up the hems of your trousers or sleeves looks cool. There's an implication of practicality to the look so you don't look overly polished (which equals effort). It's also a good option this time of year when the weather can't make up it's mind if it's warm or cold.

Trousers: Turning up your hems also gives your trousers a tapered tailored look. It works on any slim or straight cut trouser, including tailored ones or jeans. Plus, if you’re short like me, it saves you time and/or money turning up yours hems! You can do them as neatly or as scruffily as you like. Alternatively, if you already have tapered trousers, or ones with elasticated hems, push them up slightly so they fit snuggly around the middle of your calf.

Jeans look particularly good rolled up when it's done roughly

Sleeves: Again, you can do it as neatly or scruffily as you like. To look a little more polished, roll them up. You can do this casually or, if you want to be more precise, here's a good tutorial. Alternatively, if, like me, you prefer to look more causal to stay totally inline with the effortless look, push up your sleeves. Here's a handy trick to stop them falling down:

Step 1: Roll a rubber or hair band over your sleeve up to your elbow. Step 2: Bunch up your sleeve, above the band, pulling it up to the desired spot. Step 3: Hide the band under one of the folds

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