Style Suggestion: Patterned Tights


A pair of unusual tights can go a long way, especially when paired with the simplest of outfits. They catch people's attention and show individuality, whilst also looking classy and chic. Plus, depending on the design, they can still be appropriate for work whilst also helping you to stand out and say confidence

Styling suggestions:

  1. As well as pairing them with a skirt or dress, wear them under trousers. The flash of them as you walk will add intrigue and sexiness to your look7 pattern copy.
  2. Let them be the only pattern in your outfit to avoid clashing.
  3. If you're concerned about patterns widening your legs, avoid large, busy patterns. Choose a subtler pattern instead. Vertical patterns are particularly lengthening. 
  4. To keep the look sophisticated, don't go for a pattern that's fussy. And stick to those in black and/or nude. Bright colours + a busy pattern = OTT


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