Your Signature Scent

Lots of people like to vary their perfume, especially between seasons and from day to night. However it's much more powerful to stick with one scent and to make it your signature.

Here's why:

Without going into scientific reasons, smell is the sense most connected with memory. Moreover, it can be highly emotive, inspiring strong reactions from anyone who notes it. So whatever scent you choose to wear, intentionally or not, it will convey something about you, and leave a lasting impression.

Which is why having a signature scent is so effective. It becomes an identifier, marking your presence. It shows confidence and strength, as well as having a sensuality to it.

Moreover, your perfume clings to your body, so there is something innately personal about the one you choose to wear. Almost as if it is a second skin. So, rather than sending out mixed messages, stick to the one that says: This Is Me.

Tip: If it's not appropriate to wear perfume at work, add a few drops of your signature scent to a scentless moisturiser. It'll be a subtle way of conveying your presence, without being overpowering.

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