Day 1 of Style and Beauty New Years Resolutions for Being Your Best Self

Style resolution 1 from "I will stretch myself out of my style comfort zone"

Everyone’s aesthetic can be defined. Are you classic or quirky? Feminine or androgynous? Chic or edgy? But that doesn’t always mean you have to confine yourself to that category. Blur the lines by taking references from other styles to have more fun with yours. So if you’re wearing a feminine outfit, why not add some punky accessories. Or take a classic look but put it together with pieces that are a little more eccentric.

Edgy + a dash of classic + a hint of sophisticated = 1 stylish outfit

Beauty resolution 1 from Balance Me: "I will cleanse my face twice daily"

People often omit cleansing their face in the morning as they don’t think it gets dirty overnight, but you do sweat when you sleep. Start the day by washing your face with a good quality cleanser which features nourishing natural ingredients such as Balance Me’s Collagen Boost Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser. This cleanser contains a natural peptide complex to help promote skin’s collagen production, deeply hydrate, plump and clean your skin with the sweep of a fingertip!

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