Day 2 of Style and Beauty New Years Resolutions for Being Your Best Self

Style resolution 2 from "I will set my own rules"

“Women over 45 shouldn’t wear jumpsuits”. “Only those under 40 can wear ripped jeans”, “Women in their 50s should stick to red nail polish”. Whatever! Wear what you want and, most importantly, what makes you feel good. Confidence is the true parameter of style, so ignore what others say and set your own rules for dressing the way that makes you feel best.

Stamp your mark by saying "to that!" with the rule book

Beauty resolution 2 from Balance Me: "I will learn how to dry body brush"

Boost your body confidence so that you feel comfortable in your dream outfit by dry body brushing before your morning shower. Body brushing exfoliates skin and also encourages good circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping your body to remove toxins that cause cellulite. Start at the ankles and work the brush up your body with circular motions in the direction of the heart. Post-shower, apply Balance Me’s 100% naturally detoxing Super Toning Body Oil. Not only will your mood be energised, your skin will be smoother, firmer and radiate health.

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