Day 3 of Style and Beauty Resolutions for Being Your Best Self

Style resolution 3 from "I will experiment more with styling"

You don’t have to wear everything in the same way that everyone else does. Style is about having a point of view. So make people take notice by doing something interesting and different. Even the smallest of details can go a long way, such as the way you tuck in your shirt, wear a piece of jewellery, or throw on a jacket.


Try pinning a brooch to your turtle neck instead of wearing a necklace for an arresting look. And the best part? It's actually an earring I've lost the other side to - 2 uses with 1 piece!

Beauty resolution 3 from Balance Me: "I will master the art of skincare layering"

Skincare layering is the Holy Grail to more radiant, plump, hydrated skin. The good news is it’s really easy! After cleansing your skin, apply either a face serum such as Balance Me’s Anti-Ageing Face Serum (perfect for firming and smoothing skin) or face oil such as Balance Me’s Rose Otto Face Oil (perfect for soothing and strengthening sensitive skin). These 100% natural products are light in texture and absorb quickly into the deeper layers of the dermis to moisturise and plump skin from beneath the surface. Next, simply apply your moisturiser as usual. Couldn’t be simpler!

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