Day 5 of Style and Beauty Resolutions for Being Your Best Self

Style resolution 5 from "I will dress however I want for the occasion"

Sparkle in the day. White in winter. Just because convention says you shouldn’t do these things, doesn't mean you should listen. If you feel in the mood to wear sequins to the pub, do it! And if everyone else is wearing jeans, but you want to dress up, why not? If you’re looking and feeling great, nothing else matters. You’ll just be the envy of the room.

Beaded and sequinned embellishment isn't just for the evening: it can make for a cool, confident choice in the day too

Beauty resolution 5 from Balance Me: "I will treat myself to an at-home facial"

The secret to smooth, glowing skin is in your fingertips. All you need is this ‘easy to pick up’ technique and a few drops of Balance Me’s Radiance Face Oil. Warm the oil in your fingers and then start massaging the sides of your face using wide circular strokes. Massage down the sides of your jaw, up to the corner of your mouth, past the side of your nose and up along your cheekbones. Next sweep your fingers around the outside corner of your eyes and gently pat beneath your eye sockets to combat puffiness and dark shadows – be sure not to drag the skin around this eye area as it is very delicate. Repeat these simple massage movements as often as desired and notice an instantly brighter, smoother more radiant complexion.

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