Day 7 of Style and Beauty New Years Resolutions for Being Your Best Self

Style resolution 7 from "I will continue to read for more style tips and inspiration(!)"

As a reader of, you'll know it offers a wide variety of style-related posts every Tuesday and Thursday to inspire you and broaden your horizons. This coming Tuesday I'll be discussing different fabrics and their qualities - so you understand exactly what you're buying. And, later this week, I'll be posting the first 'Tip Thursdays' installment for 2016, as well as the monthly 'What's On' feature so you can keep up to date with every style related event and exhibition on around the UK. Plus very soon will be the aforementioned exciting BIG announcement, and as well the launch of second prize-draw, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss out!

Beauty resolution 7 from Balance Me: "I will remember to take some “me-time”

Finding time to relax and unwind has great well-being benefits but also benefits your skin too! To aid sleep, try adding a capful of Balance Me’s Rose Otto Body Oil to your bath before bed. The 100% natural Rose Oils will help to calm and soothe the mind whilst also working their hydrating skin-strengthening magic to your body at the same time.

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