5 Minutes with Beatrice Newman of Korlekie

KORLEKIE is a new brand of luxury evening and occasional women's wear that stands for bold, innovative, glamorous and elegant clothing for the discerning woman. We sat down with designer Beatrice Newman to discuss her label, style and joining The-Bias-Cut.com.

Who is the woman you design for?

The Korlekie customer ranges from the independent working woman to the fashion connoisseur who values craft and pioneers taste and style in their own unique way. She is adventurous, quirky, modern and sensual and is the epitome of a queen. 

What are the inspirations behind your pieces?

 Korlekie is inspired by the regal legacy of the Tsars and artistic illustrious work of Edmund Dulac in “1001 Arabian Nights”, Harry Clarke, Arthur Rackham and many more. With such references Korlekie introduces us into the intricate world of breathtaking labyrinths of embroidery, embellished thread variations and imaginative beading. 

What is are the ethos and core values behind your label?

Korlekie stands for queen of eagles and it's ethos and core values stem from that. It is a brand that inspires to make women feel beautiful, feminine and powerful. Like a queen she should be able to command a room, in her own way, using Korlekie as an "accessory" to add to and boost her confidence.

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

 Style means to me confidence. A type of beauty and quality that cannot be taught but nurtured through experience, courage and determination. It's a peace and happiness that can only be cultivated through oneself which makes us all unique and different.

In an industry primarily focused on the 20-something customer, what is your view on ageless style?

If style to me is confidence and confidence a personal experience with one self, then ageless style to me is something unique and without comparison. It's a maturing of taste that like wine gains more flavour over time. Style evolves

What attracted you to The-Bias-Cut.com?

I admire its layout and ethos which I find classy and elegant. It isn't pretentious but is beautifully articulate and mature. And its blog is source I feel I can trust and relate to. It is for the refined woman.

How would you like women to feel when wearing your pieces?

Confident, beautiful in control and slightly intimidating .... Like a queen.

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