A chat with designer Emile Vidal Carr

Emile Vidal Carr designs for the sophisticated woman looking for class with something a little different. We sat down with him to discuss more, style and joining The-Bias-Cut.com....

How did you begin your career?

My career in fashion spans 13 years. From a young age I grew up in a house seeing my mum sew for various clients. It was only till I got to the age of 17 that I took any interest. I got accepted into a degree at London College of Fashion. Upon graduating I set up a high street company selling to Topshop and ASOS. I also spent a short time providing fashion courses to London Housing Associations for their residents who were NEET's (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

After working on the technical teams for Alexander McQueen, Roland Mouret, Peter Pilotto and Kanye West to name a few, I developed a desire to market myself as a high end designer.

Who is the woman you design for?

Our customer base is definitely the professional female. She is driven but considerate. Ambitious but social. Logical and a leader.

What are the inspirations behind your pieces?

I love architecture and structure. I'm also a major fan of Viktor & Rolf. Those three things have inspired me in this collection and previous collections. Also I love strong colours so this was also a heavy feature.

What is are the ethos and core values behind your label?

As a brand we make regular donations to the A21 Charity which primarily aims to stop human trafficking around the world. We also make all of our garments in the Uk. All of our staff are paid the London living wage. We are also about to embark on a mentorship scheme with the London College of Fashion Alumni which will see us supporting Fashion undergraduates. 

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

The world 'style' simply means 'expression without no rules'.

In an industry primarily focused on the 20-something customer, what is your view on ageless style?

I think that it's the mark of a great designer to create a timeless piece and that could be worn to various occasions.

What attracted you to The-Bias-Cut.com?

In our aim to expand our business, we are always looking to building creative partnerships with reputable fashion hubs.

How would you like women to feel when wearing your pieces?

I want the women who wear my dresses to feel intelligent, beautiful and ambitious.

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