Working Colour and Prints into Your Look

Colour and prints are always welcome additions to one’s wardrobe, but they’re often not easy to incorporate well into a look – especially when you’re pushed for time. Which means the fail-safe black option is relied upon, and the colourful printed top remains at the back of the drawer.

However, we increasingly hear from women how much they’re fed up with having to always rely on black both for work and play. So here are 9 tips to keep in mind so you can throw together a colourful, interesting outfit even if you’ve only got 5 minutes to spare in the morning:

1. When in doubt, go for complimentary colours

This might seem a bit elementary, but having a colour wheel in the back of your mind or even pinned up against your mirror will save you loads of time. Two colours that are directly opposite to one another on the wheel compliment each other brilliantly. So if you’ve got a purple top, one glance at the wheel will tell you that you can’t go wrong with a yellow skirt. Quick and simple.

2. Opt for two colours tones of the same hue

Light blue and dark blue always look good together. The same goes for purple and lilac etc. Pairing together pieces in different tones of the same hue can look very chic and effective without seeming too matchy

3. Pair a print with a garment in a colour that features in the design

Look carefully at the colours featured in a print and use another garment or accessory to highlight it. Even better: choose one of the more subtle colours in the print to really draw it out. And because that colour is already featured in the print you’re wearing, you’ll know the pieces go together.

This dress features hints of dark red and orange. So instead of going for a more obvious nude or pink heel, I’ve opted for a burgundy heel with a hint of orange glitter to make the print pop.

4. Stick to two prints per outfit

To avoid the chance of your look being too fussy, only wear two prints. It’s a good idea to break them up with solids as well to avoid obvious clashing.

5. Match graphic, simple prints with more complicated ones

Graphic prints such as stripes or polka dots go well together, but also with more complicated ones such as florals or an animal print. Complicated prints can also look good together, but are much harder to pair so avoid if you haven’t got much time.


6. Not sure if they go? Play it safe and stick to just one print per look

If you really aren’t sure whether two prints work together, its best to just stick to one of them. Otherwise you’re lack of confidence in your look will shine through.

7. If all else fails and you must wear black, make sure you add one big burst of colour

Pretty much any colour goes with black. Even brown can look stylish with it despite it being considered a ‘faux-pas’ by some. So be brave and pair your black piece with a bright and colourful one.

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