7: Alicia "You're Giving Us A New Confidence"

From the very beginning, even when it was just a blog, The-Bias-Cut.com has always been about confidence, celebrating individuality, and challenging an unfair and, quite frankly wrong, stereotype when it comes to style. So for the 7-day countdown to the official announcement of "The Shopping Destination for Contemporary Elegance with Attitude" we showcased 7 different, yet equally fabulous, women. Kicking it off: Alicia.

What does style mean to you? Being yourself, whilst being elegant but comfortable. You wear the clothes, they’re not wearing you.

How do you define your personal style? Clothes have to be well cut, and feel comfortable. I like pretty things although at my essence I’m a tomboy!

What’s your best style tip? Look after you. Hair, makeup, nails etc. Make sure you feel good about yourself so you can go and experiment. Build inner confidence first.

What does The-Bias-Cut.com mean to you? You’re giving us the new confidence to feel good about ourselves after bringing up kids, having jobs and running the rat race! You inspire women to go out and try fresh things.

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