5: Sheena "I've seen so many trends go round and round… I've learnt what to invest in"


What does style mean to you? Comfortable Chic! It can be colourful and complimentary whilst being easy to wear. Loose fitted, well paired pieces always look great.

How would you define your style? I have seen so many trends go round and round in the past fifty years. Now I’ve learnt to cherry pick pieces to invest in. A good basic layer with a fitted jacket and some jeans or formal trousers always work well for me, especially when accessorised with a beautiful bag.

What’s your favourite wardrobe piece? An aubergine Louis Vuitton (Capicines) bag which I haven’t put down since I bought it 2 years ago.

What influences your style? I was never a girly girl growing up, I played basketball most days of the week so spent most of my time in my kit and trainers. I guess that’s where I got the whole idea of comfort from. I only really began to become aware of fashion when I came over to London in my early twenties, and I started to buy dresses and wear more feminine clothes. However the whole comfort aspect still stuck with me throughout. Growing up in London, just looking at people on the street over the past fifty years has been enough inspiration for me. There is enough of what to wear, and what not to wear around that you can make your own mind up as to what would suit you.

What is your best style tip? You’ve got to feel comfortable in what you wear for it to look good. Once you do, then the world’s your oyster!

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