4: Michelle "Clothes should not overpower you but enhance you"


What does style mean to you? Looking and feeling the best you can in the clothes that you wear, clothes should not overpower you but enhance you

How do you feel regarded in the eyes of the Fashion Industry? Being petite, I struggle to find sizes in everything from underwear to shoes, in styles that I like. Petite ranges only have selected styles, which I find very frustrating. Petite women are never represented in fashion magazines, fashion shows, television programmes and we aren’t that rare!

How would you define your style? Classic, with a twist

What is your style inspiration? I would have loved to have been around in the 1950s, I loved the cut, shape and elegance of the clothes then, both men and women looked stylish.

What’s your favourite thing about The-Bias-Cut.com? I enjoy the tips, articles on fashion news and articles on putting different outfits together.

What’s your best style tip? You don’t need to spend lots of money to look stylish. Once you know your body shape and what colours suit you best, create a capsule wardrobe of more expensive items and then add to it each season to bring the capsule ‘on trend’.

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