3: Hilary "Learn what makes you not only look good, but feel good"


What does style mean to you? To me style is not about fashion or the latest trends. It is about how someone interprets and puts together ‘their style’ – the truly stylish rarely slavishly follow current fashion diktats.

How do you feel regarded in the eye of the Fashion Industry? The main ‘high street’ industry is covered by the need for sales – high turnover, volume business. Clients who are not mainstream are less catered for – remarkably as in many instances the older woman has probably more money and more time to shop. If they do address older women in many instances they seem to think they want certain things – pastels, frumpy patterns, ‘droopy’ skirt and lots of elastic waists!

What is your style inspiration? Keeping my eyes open.

What’s your favourite thing about The-Bias-Cut.com? Challenging conventions.

What’s your best style tip? Learn what makes you not only look good but also feel good.

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