2: Mandy "Style is feeling good in pieces that one won't necessarily see at every event"


What does style mean to you? Wearing what fits and flatters my body and being realistic about that. Dressing for me but staying age appropriate. Feeling good in pieces that one won’t necessarily see at every event.

How do you feel regarded in the eyes of the the Fashion Industry? Well, it’s really pitched at a younger market although I feel that is changing. I am tall and have always been fairly slim and buying stylish clothes has never been a problem, however now that I am older with a slightly thicker waist and my breasts making a move south! I find myself spending far more time thinking about which styles will suit an older woman and where I might get them rather than being spontaneous. I don’t think the Fashion Industry encourages older woman in that respect.

How would you define your style? I prefer simple unfussy styles. I like colour and classic minimalist lines that are well cut and comfortable and that I can wear and pair.

What’s your favourite thing about The-Bias-Cut.com? The way in which an inspiration has developed through hard word and enveloped into a classy, professional and educational reference pitched at exactly the right level for the intended audience.

What’s your best style tip? Looking good without trying to look younger

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