1: Preeti "The-Bias-Cut.com caters to women who haven't lost their fashion mojo!"


What does style mean to you? Feeling confident in what I wear as it helps me to stand out! Wearing clothes which are age appropriate and make me feel good to be in them!

How do you feel regarded in the eyes of the Fashion Industry? As if, once you are over a certain age, or in an older age bracket, you want comfortable clothes such as elasticated waists, frumpy cuts, unstructured outfits, and bland colours. Consigned to the bottom of the heap!

How would you define your style? My style embraces colourful, different textures and fabrics with interesting details, and includes a nod to current trends which are classic and timeless.

What is your style inspiration? My mum, who has a great eye for colour, detail, and is great at putting an outfit together.

What’s you’re favourite thing about The-Bias-Cut.com? That it caters to women who are mature and haven’t lost their fashion mojo!

What’s your best style tip? Adding accessories to a simple outfit to give it a different look.

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