Style, Quality and Confidence

Today post is about's focus on Style, Quality and Confidence.

Every piece on has been made with love, care and attention to detail. We’re not interested in fast-disposable fashion: style never fades, and that’s why every piece we’ve selected is with a view to you loving it for years to come.

Designers’ craftmanship 

Only excellent quality fabrics are featured, with our designers picking the most suitable (rather than cheapest!) ones for their pieces. Pieces range from 100% raw silk to 100% cotton to the highest quality viscose, to others lined with habotai silk. Essentially, quality is key. And with that in mind, we’ll launching our ‘Quality Barometer’ to help you understand more about the pieces, and how great they’ll feel to wear.

But quality isn’t the only thing that matters – we want you to feel as good on the inside as you do on the outside wearing it. So we’ve selected a variety of pieces, in different structures, shapes and aesthetics, so you can feel at your most confident. We know that figures vary, and whether you want sleeves, a longer hem, or are happy to show off a bit more skin – we’ve got it ‘covered’. Because you deserve to be presented with pieces that you’d truly love and feel great wearing.

We want you to stand out. Why should you have to wear boring, dull, frumpy styles? Our pieces are stunning, eye-catching and make a clear statement: that you are not invisible or irrelevant.

Overall, we’re thrilled to be offering you ‘wow’ pieces by some of Britain’s most talented contemporary designers who all share our vision (although we’re not going to be revealing their names just yet!). Including pieces Made in Britain, made by hand, and exclusive designs, we couldn’t be more proud to be showcasing their talent, and we hope you will enjoy the collection as much as we have putting it together.

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