Unusual Handbags: Quirks have their Perks!

One of the reasons I love style so much is because of what it can say about your personality. Every piece you choose and how you wear it speaks volumes about who you are. So those who claim they don’t care about clothes, and dress accordingly, are making a statement.

So I say embrace this fact and have fun exploring new ways to do so. And one of my favourite ways is through unusual ‘quirky’ handbags. 

What’s great about them is that they always make a statement. With the thousands of classic handbags out there, carrying out that looks entirely different and offers a small window to your personality will always catch peoples’ eyes.

Which is why when I carry one I always receive compliments. It’s daring, it’s different, and it’s delightful.



What’s more, an unusual handbag can still work for you even if your aesthetic is more classic or reserved as it’s a great way of adding a touch of individuality without compromising what you feel comfortable in.

My ‘quirky’ bag guidelines:

  1. Opt for quality. Since the bags have a novelty element to them, they need to be well make to avoid them straying into tacky territory

  2. The crazier the handbag, the more restrained the rest of the outfit should be. Let the bag be the star.

  3. Go for the bag that appeals to you the most. Don’t choose the one that stands out the most for the sake of it. It needs to fit with you

  4. No matter how out-there the bag is, still tie it in with the rest of your outfit. If it clashes it will look out of place and contrived. So, for example, pick a colour or pattern from the bag and match it with your clothes.

  5. Don’t keep a quirky handbag just for the evening. It can look just as great and whimsical in the day.

  6. If you’re concerned about versatility, choose one that is predominantly black.



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