Attention to Detail: The Ultimate Luxury

What makes the difference between an average outfit and a stylish outfit? Attention to detail.

Whether you like to dress bold, keep it classic, or add some edge, attention detail always makes a difference. Because that’s what adds quality, intrigue and uniqueness. These details can be small – so much so that you may not notice them on first glance - but as you move or the light catches them, they make all the difference.

10 Particular attentions to detail we love and are worth looking out for:

  1. Interesting button detailing

  2. Lined colourful pockets

  3. Jackets and coats lined in a contrasting standout colour

  4. Unusual zips

  5. Contrasting coloured collars or cuffs

  6. Different hems such as asymmetrical or frayed 

  7. Decorative pick stitches

  8. Piped edges

  9. Unique waiste bands

  10. Coloured or pattered soles on your shoes (in particular heels)

Of course the last example stems from Christian Louboutin’s ‘signature’ (and now trade marked) red sole. The story goes that the shoe maestro wanted to make a pair of shoes that he’d designed, and were inspired by Andy Warhol, pop. So he grabbed the red nail polish his assistant was using at the time, and painted the black sole red. And the rest is history! 

But why does the red sole have such a big impact, especially when it’s on the sole of one’s feet? It’s the flash of unexpected colour as the wearer walks that attracts attention. It draws the observer in closer, suggesting there is more to the wearer than immediately meets the eye.

The existence of any of the details listed above show care and thought have been put into an outfit. And with so many generic mass-produced versions of styles around, they help a piece stand out as quality and class amongst them. Ultimately: they add luxury.

Take this coat for example:



It might look familiar to you as there have been quite a few ‘biker’ inspired coats around for the past couple of years. But there are two main differences about it compared to the mass-produced versions: 1. It has a cool oversized cocoon cut instead of a generic fitted shape. 2. It features eye-catching large circle zips, instead of small normal ones. Those small subtle differences take the coat from safe to sophisticated.

So next time you’re looking for a special piece (and perhaps you can’t choose between one or another), consider those details because they’re what makes the difference. 

Here are some of our favourite ‘details’ featured in our SS16 collection:

From top right corner going clockwise:

Luxurious red silk-habotai lining of our Ellis coat by Emile Vidal Carr (£367); Asymmetrical collar and standout front golden zip of our 100% raw silk Diane dress by Emile Vidal Carr (£334); Embroidered and hand-frayed jagged hem of our denim jacket by Korlekie (£550); Golden button detailing on our double-breasted hand-printed, hand-made 100% cotton MJ dress by Sika (£169); Beautifully detailed hand-painted various Jay feathers printed onto our 100% cotton poplin shirt by Gibson & Birkbeck (£80); Contrasting yellow buttons on the asymmetrical placket of our Ember top by Emile Vidal Carr (£198); Intricate hand-painted starfish print on our 100% cotton poplin shirt by Gibson & Birkbeck (£80); Individual dynamic textured golden button on our Ellis coat by Emile Vidal Carr (£367); Triangular folded waist on our statement Evette trousers by Emile Vidal Carr (£211)

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