The Womanly Shoe Is Back

It’s time to take the plunge.

No we’re not talking about necklines, we’re talking shoes. Because get ready for shoes exposing a v-shaped ‘foot cleavage’ to take style by storm. 

It’s not a new style per se – this writer has been a fan for years - but with clunky platforms, straps, mules, loafers and the like being Fashion’s firm favourites for years, the v-neck shoe has been much harder to come by. It’s taken Celine (one of the top 5 most copied labels in the world) to put it firmly on the map.

And thank goodness it did! Because this is an elegant, womanly style for the sophisticated, modern woman (so no wonder we love it!)

In the same way a lower neckline elongates you, so does a v-neck shoe. It flatteringly lengthens your legs, so you can finally ditch those over-worn nudes. What’s more, it gives the wearer the illusion of having an alluring high in-step and a slim foot.

Plus they're a great alternative to ankle straps and ties. For those of you who have cankels or short legs, the v-neck exposes more skin and doesn’t cut off your legs. And even if that’s not a concern, they won’t leave you with painful swollen ankles like straps do – which is something you definitely don’t want in the summer.

And that’s not all: the shape lends itself to all sorts of shoes so you can enjoy it all year round, whatever the occasion, toe shape and heel height preference: booties, sandals, flats, courts, peeptoes, pumps, slingbacks – it’s all possible! So rejoice in the fact that finally a universally flattering shoe shape will be easy to find, and make sure you look out for that v-shape next time you’re buying shoes.

Here our top tips:

  1. If you’re keen to accentuate the arch of your foot more, opt for a heel (big or small) over flats

  2. Less is more - these shoes don’t need fancy bells and whistles to make them stand out. So leave the embellishment, studs, pompoms and whatever else for other shoes, and let the amazing shape of these give your feet and legs do all the talking.

  3. If you’re looking for something a little more interesting, consider a cool texture in a more muted tone rather than a bright colour or pattern.

  4. Avoid platforms – this is already a seductive shoe, a platform can take it too far.

You may recognise this shoe - Rupert Sanderson's signature 'Estelle' style that was even featured in the V&A's Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition last year. Incorporated into it's glamourous design is a subtle V-Neck cut into the gauze that opens up shoe, making for a much more flattering shape.


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