10 Top Tips for Wedding Guest Style

Wedding season is upon us. But, as fun as the occasions can be, the stress of knowing what to wear can overshadow the excitement of the upcoming day. So we’ve put together our 10 top inspirational tips for looking your most gorgeous self as a wedding guest:


  1. Have fun

Weddings are joyous occasions, so why shouldn’t your outfit reflect that?! Whether it’s a bright print, whimsical accessory, or an exquisite colour – this is the time to wear that piece that puts a smile on your face. 


A fun handbag, such as this Poppy Leopard "Pony" Fox bag by Bell & Fox will put a smile on any face 

  1. Avoid the matchy matchy

An all-in-one look is a tricky one to pull off without looking like you’re going to a Royal Wedding. But if you’re still keen, try incorporating different textures to break up the look, or opt for subtly different tones.

  1. You don’t have to wear a dress

We usually assume the best option for a wedding is a dress, but trousers can be just as sophisticated. You may prefer not to go for a matching suit (see above), but a pair of tailored trousers, breezy palazzo pants or a full skirt with a blouse or jacket can make for a striking cool alternative.


We love this fabulous look: Our Sashenka Moon Shirt worn with our Brena Blazer (both by Baum Und Pferdgarten), Louise Blue Pumps by House of Spring and Light Pearl Tunic by Korlekie - with our Peacock Wristlet clutch by Bell & Fox in the background


Our Ellis Coat by Emile Vidal Carr is the perfect striking summer jacket to pair with trousers at a wedding.

  1. Black or white can be appropriate

Opt for a piece with a bold print or, break up the look with a standout colour. The key is to ensure the black or white element of your look isn’t the focal point, but rather part of the overall look.

If in doubt, ultimately ask yourself: Would I go to a funeral in this? Would I get married in this? If either answer is yes, it might be best to start again. 

  1. Beware of lace

 Lots of wedding looks feature lace but, unfortunately, it’s one of those fabrics that, unless it's quality and done well, can end up looking cheap and tacky. So choose wisely. Some of the most elegant lace outfits only feature a small amount, such as on a sleeve or as a trim. Avoid laces in greys, pastels and neutral tones for fear of looking a tad old-fashioned. 


  1. Say Yes to a hat

Forget those flimsy hairbands with a couple of feathers and a bow, and truly make a style statement in a fabulous hat. It doesn’t have to be overly flamboyant, but it will add that touch of polish and class onto any outfit. One of our favourite milliners? East Sussex based award-winning Joanna Zara Millinery, who designs individual bespoke pieces, always perfectly suited to the person.

One of Joanna Zara's fabulous hats. The vintage inspired Claire, seen here, is one of our favourites from her Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. (Image courtesy of Joanna Zara Millinery. View the designs she specially designed to compliment our Spring/Summer Edit here.)  

  1. Add intrigue with a few choice pieces of jewellery

You don't need to go OTT with jewellery; just a couple of non-matching pieces are enough. One of our top choices is a beautiful, strong cuff, which always adds a cool contemporary vibe to a look.

  1. Make for the metallics

Yes, nude go with everything. But they’re also a very obvious choice, and there are bound to be plenty at any wedding. A funkier alternative is a gold, silver or another tone – still just as versatile, but way more interesting.

Our Rose Gold croc Round crossbody/ wristlet clutch by Bell & Fox really picks up on the pink hues in our Miriam Multi-Crystal Dress by Nathalie Vleeschouwer

  1. Pashminas are passé

It’s important to have a cover up at any wedding – but a pashmina can look a little dated. Instead go for a cardigan, shrug, or a stunning statement summer scarf.


More of our stunning 100% light wool scarves, Made in England, ideal for summer days and nights by Claudia Meller. Shop now 

 And an all important beauty tip!

 10. Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

Make sure you cleanse and moisturise for several days in advance of the wedding to avoid foundation looking cakey on the day – especially if you want to wear more than usual to make it last the day.

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