5 Minutes With Nicola Steer of Hooked Jewellery

I'm thrilled to announce the-Bias-Cut.com has introduced its first jewellery label: Hooked. Founded by Nicola Steer, every sterling silver necklace she creates is unique and handmade. Having been in the antique jewellery business since childhood, she finds the best quality, individual antique sterling silver charms, and combines 3 to tell a personal story, 'hooking' them onto vintage and modern chains. 

Having only been sold in 2 of the world's leading luxury department stores it is an honour for Hooked to become a part of the-Bias-Cut.com family. And, as we take pride in only featuring special independent labels, I sat down with Nicola to find out more....

Why did you decide to start Hooked?

 I believed the time was right to launch a jewellery range reusing beautiful antique piece giving them a modern twist.

How do you find your unique charms?

I mainly find the charms at antique fairs, though I also have people sourcing them for me. 

Each piece tells a different story. How do you decide which charms go together and the message behind each necklace?

I love creating the stories behind the necklaces. The charms inspire me and all three charms have to work together aesthetically as well as telling a story. When I do bespoke pieces I form a close relationship with my customer, creating them an original personal piece with their memories. A piece of jewellery with history to treasure forever. 

What are the ethos and core values behind Hooked?

Hooked uses vintage charms and chains repurposing them creating an intrinsic piece of modern jewellery. Our ethos is to create a new piece of jewellery using forgotten pieces from the past. Bringing old treasures to new owners to love and cherish.   

Some ladies feel silver is for younger women, whilst the mature woman should wear gold and platinum. Do you agree and why?

I believe that silver looks wonderful on all generations. It is an ageless material. One of my favourite qualities of silver is that it changes colour due to oxidation. This means that pieces can take on different tones and work on all skin types. This is not true of either gold or platinum. Most importantly silver is always thought of as fun material to work in, with many more designers making more individual and interesting pieces. So no matter what our age let’s always enjoy some fun with our jewellery!

"Music, love and dancing" - what we all need in life 

What attracted you to the-Bias-Cut.com?

the-Bias-Cut.com is a company that I admire. I love that it shows all the clothes on real people, because that is what we all want to see. I also think that Jacynth has a great eye and excellent entrepreneurial skills.

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

Style to me is the flair we all add to our own outfits. It comes from an inner confidence being comfortable and enjoying your individuality. Jewellery especially accentuates our quirks. 

What role does jewellery play in defining personal style?

I obviously love jewellery. I believe it completes an outfit.  It is your personalisation to everything you wear. Making every outfit unique. I could never leave the house without a few pieces of jewellery on! 

How would you like women to feel when wearing your pieces?

My jewellery, like every woman, is completely unique and individual. Each piece portrays its owners character. I want women to wear my pieces and be constantly complemented on having selected such an interesting and beautiful piece of jewellery. The necklaces are talking points, and as each necklace is unique the wearer can tell her own story through each piece, bringing the jewellery to life and creating more love for the piece that they have chosen. 

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Me wearing one of my favourite pieces: "Music is the key to my heart"




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