7 Days Of Wellbeing & Style Tips To Keep You Happy & Healthy - Day 1

Let's not beat around the bush: times are extremely tough right now. And between adapting to a new way of working and living, maintaining social distancing, and scrambling to get the last toilet roll, it's easy to loose sight of the importance of looking after yourself and wellbeing at this time. But it's vital to take care of yourself, both for your own sake and for others', so investing time and energy into a healthy lifestyle plays a big role here. And both what you put into your body and wear on it will make a difference. 

So, as part of our mission to support and boost your spirits right now, we've teamed up with healthy ageing supplement brand Lumity for a week long collaboration. Starting today until Sunday, there will be a new post on our blog to enjoy every day, each featuring expert advice and inspiration from both the-Bias-Cut.com and Lumity.

And, what’s more, Lumity are offering the-Bias-Cut followers an exclusive 20% OFF their products, including their clinically trialled immunity boosting supplements and skincare (head to the end of the post for more details). 

So without much further ado... 

Day 1  

Wellbeing: Focus 

With the world on lockdown, making our health a priority and boosting our immune system has never been so important, but, beyond keeping a balanced diet and hoping for the best, what else can we do?
You don’t have to adopt a rigorous new wellness plan to give your mind and body a well deserved boost. Add these very simple things into your daily life and you’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make to the way you look and feel.

Small steps can have a big impact, especially when it comes to your health, which means you don’t have to completely upturn your life to start living a much healthier one. This includes taking Lumity supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet which is a one stop shop to boost your immunity, improve skin, energy, tiredness and more, exercising and reaching out to friends. 

Start with focusing. Life goes by in a flash and if your mind is all over the place, you can miss so much of it. Take this time while you're at home to learn to be more present, look around you and take in the sights, the sounds, the tastes and appreciate them. This will help you to slow down and focus. Make a bowl of healthy chicken soup, or a green smoothie and take a moment to be grateful for your health and wellbeing.

Style: Wear Clothes You Love 

Ever heard of wearing your ‘lucky pants’? Well of course certain underwear isn’t magically imbued with luck, but if you do have a pair then no doubt you’ve often noticed a positive difference when you wear them. And that’s because wearing them will affect your mental state of mind; they give you a confidence boost, changing how you feel, behave and present yourself, and good fortunes follow.

Known as ‘enclothed cognition’ by scientists, it’s now commonly accepted that there’s a deep psychological link between what we wear and how we feel. Numerous studies have proven how our behaviours can directly change as a result of our clothes – from the colours we choose, to the fabrics, styles and more.  

Which is why now, more than ever, it’s vital to wear clothes that make you feel good. No, they won’t save the unnerving, difficult times we’re in, but they will lift your spirits and help you have a more positive outlook for the day ahead (which will also impact others if you’re in isolation with loved ones). 

As a lady once said to me “I don’t even care if I look good in this skirt – every time I look down at the print it makes me smile.” And what better reason is there to wear clothes you love than that?

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 Clothes by the-Bias-Cut.com: Swim Team Cotton Knit and Iris Tassel Dot Earrings  

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