7 Days Of Wellbeing & Style Tips To Keep You Happy & Healthy - Day 2

Yesterday we introduced our week-long partnership with healthy ageing skincare & supplement brand Lumity, whereby each day until Sunday we'll both be sharing expert advice and inspiration on wellbeing & style to keep you going through these difficult times. 

If you missed Day 1, you can catch up here. And don't forget, Lumity are also offering the-Bias-Cut followers an exclusive 20% OFF their products, including their clinically trialled immunity boosting supplements and skincare (head to the end of the post for more details). 

Day 2 

Style: Reassess Your Wardrobe 

Let’s be honest, we all have them: clothes strictly for best and going out, and ones we slouch around at home in that we’d never dare step out of the house in. And yes, that’s fine if your time varies between being out and in. But when you’re stuck indoors for nearly 100% of your day, wearing your usual home clothes is less than ideal. Meanwhile, your poor favourites will be gradually collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe (hello moths!). 

Let’s reassess which clothes you solely reserve for going out. A survey of 100 women found that more than 57% will wear a baggy top when depressed, whilst only 2% would wear one when happy – and now is not the time to test those statistics!

Miss Daisy Natasja Dress

So, that beautiful midi dress you tend to wear to drinks? Believe it or not, but you can still wear it at home! And fortunately, because you won’t be moving around a lot, the likelihood of it getting worn out or damaged is extremely low. What’s more, you’ll feel more cheerful floating around in it all day, and you could still wear it for virtual drinks over video chat with friends! That said, if you do have pets or young children, you might want to stay away from silk….

Wellbeing: Exercise

Even though you can’t go to the gym right now, you can still work out. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and lift your mood, plus it keeps you physically healthy too. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or down in the dumps, try an at home workout. You don’t have to wait months to start reaping the rewards of exercise, because as you workout your body releases ‘feel good’ endorphins and you can instantly start to feel better. 

Not to mention if you exercise outside you get the joyful benefits of the fresh air too. If you can, go outside for a walk or a run, if not, try our at home 21 day yoga plan.

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