7 Days Of Wellbeing & Style Tips To Keep You Happy & Healthy - Day 4

By now you're probably settled in to life in lockdown but may be struggling with keeping your mood up with fatigue and dreariness sneaking in. So we hope our week-long partnership of tips and inspiration with healthy ageing skincare & supplement brand Lumity can continue to help you cope - because it's important now, more than ever, to look after your wellbeing and treat yourself to things that will perk you up. 

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Day 4

Style: Treat Yourself To Luxurious Loungewear 

Right now you might be inclined to only wear cheap and tatty clothes for lounging around in. Who’s going to see them after all? But when you’re spending your entire time at home, your loungewear is going to be working even harder than usual. So now is the time to be investing in quality. By choosing beautifully made garments that will last, you’ll feel good wearing them (see day 1), you’ll get maximum usage out of them and, because they won’t be falling apart at the seams once self-isolation ends, you’ll continue to enjoy wearing them. 

If you’re concerned about spending a bit more than usual, think about cost per wear. Not only will help you digest how good an investment a garment will be (saving you money in the long term), but you’ll also be calculating its sustainability value. On the-Bias-Cut we even have a Cost Per Wear Calculation on every product page – a first of its kind – making it super easy for you.


Our 100% Cashmere Camomile Knit and our 100% cashmere Racer Pants

Also, when investing in quality loungewear, opt for fabrics that feel particularly good to touch. Favourites for comfort and ease are cashmere, wool, jersey, viscose (a semi-synthetic breathable fabric made from wood pulp), cupro (a biodegradable semi-synthetic fabric made from cellulose fibres that feels like silk but is much cooler), and cotton. You can layer depending on the temperature, feel relaxed and your skin will be thanking you for choosing such lovely fibres.

Wellbeing: Walk Away From Stress

Tensions are at an all time high right now, so it's crucial to be gentle with yourself. If something is stressing you out, take a break from it. Rather than forcing yourself to plug on and make your mental mindset even worse, walk away and take some deep breaths. Relax with a face mask using Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse as it gently cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises, then rinse off with warm water, follow up with a couple of drops of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients and take a moment to deeply inhale as you massage it into your skin. Concentrate on something else for a while until you feel ready to return to what it was you were doing.

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