7 Days of Wellbeing & Style Tips To Keep You Happy & Healthy - Day 6

There's only 2 days left of our collaboration with healthy ageing skincare & supplement brand Lumity, and we hope you find today's tips just as inspiring as the previous. And with the weekend now here, it's time to focus on how you can start to get back to your normal rhythms to limit emotional disruptions as much as possible. 

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Day 6

Style: Maintain A Sense Of Structure 

During such difficult times, maintaining a sense of normality is integral for your mental health and wellbeing, and your clothes can help with this.

As you would have done previously, try to limit to wearing your ‘switch off’ clothes to the evening. Regardless of whether you want to get all dressed up, or be a bit more ‘work casual’, still wear clothes that will keep you alert and focused. And if you prefer the latter, think ‘Casual Friday’: clothes you feel presentable in, but not so formal, so you’ll look professional on a video call. A fail safe way to nail this look: a gorgeous blouse or jacket with jeans. Easy, effortless, and effective.

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Wellbeing: Get Quality Sleep

Many of us aren’t sleeping at the moment. But when you’re sleep deprived everything seems worse than it is. Quality sleep is imperative for your wellbeing and if you’re stressed or worked up it can be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep too. 

Try to get to sleep at a reasonable time. Staying up late working or worrying will leave you way less capable of being productive the following day. 

To help you drift off, put away your electronic devices a couple of hours before bed – which means no checking emails just before lights out.

By setting regular times to go to bed and wake up you’ll begin to reset your circadian rhythm and in turn improve sleep and your wellbeing too.  In fact even one night of quality sleep can instantly make you feel better.

If bedtime is a battle, try taking 3 Lumity supplements before bed to help you wind down. 

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