7 Days of Wellbeing & Style Tips To Keep You Happy & Healthy - Day 7

All week we've been sharing with you top style and wellbeing tips in collaboration with healthy ageing skincare & supplement brand Lumity. Today marks the last day, and we hope you've found our tips both helpful and inspiring for coping with the difficult times we're currently experiencing. 

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Day 7

Wellbeing: Strengthen Your Immunity

It’s crucial to focus on your immunity right now. You can give your immune system a brilliant boost using targeted nutrition. Eat foods which are rich in vitamins A, C, D3, selenium and zinc –  which all help to boost your immune system and load up your plate with them. These nutrients are also included in the Lumity supplements formula which contains all that you need each day to help you stay fit, healthy and strong inside and out, so there’s no need to take other vitamins or supplements as well.

Style: Get Experimental 

Thanks to the dreaded ‘Worst Dressed’ lists and articles on what not to wear, it’s easy to worry about trying anything new. What if you make a big mistake and everyone laughs at you?! No, it’s safer to just stick to your same tried and tested looks…. But if you’re only wearing a style or colour purely because it makes you feel safe, that’s never a good sign. It only reinforces lack of self-confidence. 

It’s understandable why you might be nervous about broadening your horizons, but now’s your chance to dip your toe in the water. A new styling idea on Instagram has caught your eye? Give it a go! Spend the day in your new look so you can mentally adjust to it, and you can also gauge the reactions of loved ones (that said, be careful if you have children; they are typically inclined to only want to see you in the role of ‘mum’). 

Ultimately style should be fun, and we need to make a concerted effort to do things that bring us joy right now. So start experimenting – whether it’s trying a completely new colour or cut, or simply pairing existing pieces in your wardrobe in a different way. It could be as effortless as tucking in a blouse in a different way, rolling up the bottom of your jeans, or adding an unusual pop of colour with jewellery. No matter how big or small, have a play around, and when it’s time to go out again you’ll have a whole new set of looks in your repertoire ready to show off!


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