A Chat With Designer Bianca Elgar

When we first laid eyes on Bianca Elgar's striking silk designs it was love at first sight. From her use of exquisite quality Maccesfield silk, support of the British textiles industry, and her use of high-penetration ink, her designs are pure art. Add to that the abundance of passion Bianca enthuses, and she is a sheer pleasure to work with. 

We sat down to chat with her to find out more about her brand and ethos:


What is your background?

 I have always been passionate about art and textiles and worked as a silkscreen printer/designer in my studio for many years, mainly creating prints and products for interiors.

Why did you decide to start your own label?

I went to live abroad for 6 months and amidst all of the rush and excitement I didn’t take many clothes. What clothes I did take were almost all black and I found that in order to add my own personality and style I ended up stretching what was possible, with an extremely limited wardrobe and a few colourful silk scarves. It was really this experience that made me realise how versatile and beautiful these silk accessories are. This inspired me to start my own business in high quality British made versatile fashion.

Who is the woman you design for?

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes. A woman who enjoys the expression of individuality, is inspired by the love for creativity, and cares for high quality craftsmanship.

Who and what are the inspirations behind your pieces?

The first collection was inspired by the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford, where I’ve lived for more than twenty years. This collection is bold in colour and print, with more than a touch of modern and naïve art.

 The “Out of Africa” collection was created after a short break in Marrakesh, which reminded me of my time in Africa during my early twenties. I like African masks and shields as they play such a major part in most African cultures. The colours and the prints are more subtle and show off the art of the silkscreen print.

What are the ethos and core values behind your label?

Quality, not quantity. Less is more. Luxury isn’t what you see; it is how it makes you feel.

My passion for expressing creativity and individuality are the driving forces behind the brand. I enjoy creating unique pieces of wearable art that can be paired with versatile, comfortable clothing of the highest quality.

What attracted you to the-Bias-Cut.com?

I also believe that women of all ages, shapes and sizes can have fun with fashion. We aim to merge classic elegance and modern art to create a versatile collection that encourages the wearer to do that. 

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. When you feel happy in your skin and what you wear, it shows your style.   

What is your view on eternal style?

Elegance with a confident smile.

How would you like women to feel when wearing your pieces?

Beautiful, happy and confident.

Thank you Bianca!

Join the-Bias-Cut.com and Bianca Elgar for their joint pop-up boutique on Friday 21st October in Oxford to celebrate Oxford Fashion Week. As well as a great opportunity to try on and feel our beautiful collections, Bianca and our founder Jacynth will be on hand to offer styling advice, tips and inspiration for the upcoming party and winter season. For more details, email us at contact@the-bias-cut.com 

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