Bloggers Week: Is This Mutton?

As you know, we’re all about attitude. Our clothes have attitude, and so do you, their wearers. So as much as we love to celebrate the fashion itself, we’re also all about celebrating the person behind them. It’s exactly why we started ‘Your Blog’ and our forum Ageism Is Never In Style.

 As we shared earlier this week, we had the pleasure of inviting 3 of our favourite 40+ influencers to wear and style our pieces in their own unique way. And in that post we focused mostly on the outfits they created. But something would be amiss if we didn’t focus on the individuals themselves too. Because it’s that magical combination of fashion + its wearer that truly = style with attitude.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the lady behind that awesome bowie pink lace skirt , and silver look: Gail Hanlon from Is This Mutton?

Gail wears our Bowie Sweater in pinkSaria lace skirt and Black Round Crossbody/Wristlet clutch.

Is This Mutton?, a blog on “fashion, beauty & jewellery for the non-invisible woman over 45”. Yup, I’m sold. 

Having started in March 2013, Gail has  been awarded the accolades “Top 30 Fashion Over 40 blog” and “Over 40 Style Influencer Award” and it’s easy to see why. Each post is engaging and honest, as well as original. Overtime, some blogs clearly become a platform with the sole purpose of advertising, losing their authenticity and integrity in the process. But, whilst Gail does collaborate with brands (as any savvy blogger would do), she is clearly selective in the process. Moreover, the blog is not littered with sponsored posts – much of it is discussion and Gail’s own thoughts and tips. Case in point: her latest post is on introducing the reader to the imperial topaz. 

When I asked Gail what means to her, she said "it means looking your best, looking distinctive and looking good for your age, and that shines through her posts. She has a cool unique take on style - never afraid of colour, interesting silhouettes, or breaking the 'rules'. She believes fashion is ageless these days, as long as we have the courage to embrace that, and loves that fashion and having a blog is allowing her to bond and. connect with millennials. 

Gail wears our Sophie velvet blazer, Mimi 100% cotton v-neck tshirt, and our Jaice pants with our

 Dahlia Off-White 2-in-1 bag

To give you a bit of background, Gail is a 50 something native “Janner” based in London. As a former journalist, who then went into PR and marketing, and now, after 20 years at her previous company, she is in digital marketing. Gail tells me that she has been fortunate to find a employer who welcomes and nurtures 'older' people, which is pretty rare in tech! 

Gail loves fashion but confesses not to be a fashion expert. Instead she just wants to keep experimenting “rather than staying in a same rut” – which is an attitude I just love. Some women can stay wearing the same things because they are so terrified of getting it ‘wrong’. But, as with everything creative, style is subjective. Yes, the media doesn’t help with those “best and worst dressed lists, but how many times do you look disagree with them anyway? Style should be enjoyable and liberating, and Gail embraces that. As she puts it “have a look at me looking OK in some outfits, and terrible in others. It’s a bit of fun!”

And Gail’s attitude to style shone through when I met her finally in person. We had already connected over social media, with me becoming a big fan of her looks, so I was so excited to see what badass outfits she would put together. And, of course, she did not disappoint. I just adored that she brought along several pairs of metallic boots to rock, and marvelled over how she went from a punkier look to a more classic one, always experimenting.  

So whether you already love experimenting with style, or are on the cautious side, I strongly recommend you heading over to Is This Mutton? as I guarantee Gail’s fun, upbeat attitude will inspire you to try something new.  

Instagram: @gail.hanlon


Gail wears our Narelle dress with our Black Pony Gold Foil Clutch and two of our Gembud rings.


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