Bloggers Week: Over The Hilda

As you’ll know, we’re all about attitude. Our clothes have attitude, and so do you, their wearers. So as much as we love to celebrate the fashion itself, we’re also all about celebrating the person behind them. It’s exactly why we started ‘Your Blog’ and our forum Ageism Is Never In Style

As we shared earlier this week, we had the pleasure of inviting 3 of our favourite 40+ influencers to wear and style our pieces in their own unique way. And in that post we focused mostly on the outfits they created. We love working with bloggers, but are very selective in the process. For us it's about quality not quantity, and we only choose to work with bloggers whose values truly reflect our own. And Hilda, from Over The Hilda, more than ticks that box! 

Hilda wears our Nordica pants, with our Mimi Gold Star Embroidered Tee  and our fabulous Carlina Hot Pink  2-in-1 bag.

Based in Dublin, Hilda is relatively new to the blogging scene, but has already made a huge impact. A constant presence on social media, and supporter of other 40+ bloggers and ladies, I connected with Hilda several months back. I was instantly drawn to her vibrant attitude and energy.

Over The Hilda is all about embracing life over 50 and feeling fabulous. As a now retired senior school English teacher (which she was for 34 years), Hilda has channelled her continued energy and need for mental stimulation into starting her blog. And it covers all aspects of enjoying life - articles range from style & beauty, health and well being, lifeseyle & and leisure and rants & random thoughts (because, lets be honest, we all need a good rant sometimes!). 

When it comes to style, clearly likes to take risks – whether it a trend she’s been eyeing up for some time, or a classic style she’s always been dying to give a go. She also cherishes quality. She struggles with the high street because of the material being too thing.  So, as she says (and we know too well!) it’s hard to find reasonably priced fashionable clothes that work on the more mature woman and are also good quality.

Hilda Pais Bright Leopard Jacket with The Perfect Crazy Zoo blouse. She also picked our beautifully cut Nordica pants and our Black with Gold Embroidered Crossbody/wristlet clutch

Additionally, and of course particularly interesting for us, Hilda admits to being wary of shopping online. She calls herself ‘a dinosaur’ when it comes to buying online, so was nervous when I asked her to pick some pieces in advance. Fortunately I think we’ve converted her; as she put it “I needn’t have worried – the clothes were a perfect fit”.

Style also has a special place in Hilda’s heart because of her daughter, Courtney Smith. “A fashion junkie from a young age”, both Courtney and her sister have loved clothes their whole life (I wonder where they intertied that from?), so much so that Courtney is now a leading freelance fashion stylist in Ireland. She’s also a key influencer, having also been appointed brand ambassador for Samsung, Magnum Ice Cream and H&M! And it was actually Courtney who inspired Hilda to give pattern clashing a go at our shoot. 

Hilda wears our Bowie pink sweater with our Sandia skirt


As to the other interests Hilda shares on her blog, there is so much to enjoy. From great books she read recently, to discovering some days out, to (my personal favourite) why it’s healthy to drink gin! Of course, because Hilda is based in Ireland, there are local related features – but I know Hilda has followers from all over the world because of the variety discussed and Hilda’s ‘arms wide open’ attitude (and if you don’t live in Ireland, you can just create a list of things to do there when you visit!).

So I really recommend heading over to Over The Hilda if you’re looking for inspiration and new experiences to enjoy during midlife. As Hilda shows, there’s so much out there, you just have to know where to look – and fortunately she does that for you!

Instagram: @overthehilda


Twitter: @overthehilda

Hilda paired our Shari gold brocade skirt from last year with this year's Carmel sweater


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