Bloggers Week: Vanity And Me

As you’ll know, we’re all about attitude. Our clothes have attitude, and so do you, their wearers. So as much as we love to celebrate the fashion itself, we’re also all about celebrating the person behind them. It’s exactly why we started ‘Your Blog’ and our forum Ageism Is Never In Style.

 As we shared earlier this week, we had the pleasure of inviting 3 of our favourite 40+ influencers to wear and style our pieces in their own unique way. Having interviewed Laurie from Vanity and Me previously, it was a no-brainer that she'd be a perfect fit for the shoot.  

Laurie wears our 100% wool Cleta cream sweater with our boucle tweed like Nolene trousers, and our Dahlia Off White 2-in-1 bag

Laurie started the blog in 2014, and admits she was a complete novice to computers before she started. She hadn’t even sent an email before! But 3 years on she has become one of the biggest 50+ bloggers in the UK.

Laurie believes age shouldn’t play a role in how stylish you are (we couldn’t’ agree more on that!) and I love how she combines classic elements with fashionable trends to keep her style up to date. Just head over to her blog and you’ll instantly be hit by the beautiful photography and fabulous outfits. Her looks vary from being dressed up, to more casual, and whilst they are all quite different, there’s a common theme of vibrancy that runs through each look.

Born in Essex, Laurie was a hairdresser and beauty therapist, as well as a self confessed fashion lover. She even used to trade her lunch money for Vogue! Then one day she read a page in a magazine on blogging and was so inspired she decided to give it a go. The blog focuses on fashion and beauty, and because of Laurie’s experience, it is very authorative and reliable.

Laurie pairs a silk blouse with our Gold Joplin Skirt and our Rough Citrine, Rose Quartz & Hermatite Necklace

These days Laurie is highly in demand, but she is still very selective with the brands she will work with – and rightly so. It keeps her blog authentic, real and it has a true sense of integrity that sadly other blogs can loose as they become more popular. She’s willing to give new things a go, including a new age defying laser, and non-invasive beauty treatments, but is always honest with her readers. She also regularly links up with other bloggers, which is great way for her readers to meet new ladies and continue to be inspired.

To find out more about Laurie, you can head over to my interview with her here. And I really recommend hopping over to Vanity and Me because it’s a great place to be inspired, discover new things  and, best of all, meet Laurie.  

Instagram: @vanity_and_me


Twitter: @vanityandmeblog

Laurie wears our Sophie velvet blazer


  • Posted by Nancy on

    Yeah, posh rocker Laurie! Such an elegant and stylish woman!

  • Posted by Anna Parkes on

    It’s lovely to see Laurie featured here. I love her sense of style and also the fact that she’s very down to earth despite her growing popularity. Laurie and I recently met up which was wonderful as she and I are part of the 5 Over 5o collective and it was a joy to find that she’s exactly as I expected – warm, kind and as you say, authentic. Thanks for this lovely post.

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