Creating A Stylish Mother Of The Bride Outfit

The term “mother of the bride” should evoke pride, joy and delight. Unfortunately it is now synonymous with frumpy and old-fashioned. When I hear it, it immediately brings to mind an ugly beige satin matching two-piece – often with a floral print or a bit of diamente.

This association is pretty offensive really, because why should the mother of the bride be any worse dressed than anyone else? It just goes back to out-dated, ageist attitudes. But if you are soon to be the mother of the bride I don't blame you if you wince at the term and refuse to use it when searching for an outfit.

But it’s time we reclaim this term, and prove the mother of the bride can look just as fabulous as everyone else at the wedding. So I’ve put together my favourite wedding guest looks for different types of wedding that work perfectly for the mother of the bride (or any other guest for that matter), as well as my top shopping tips, so you don't have to panic about finding an outfit that's more fab than frump. 

A Chic City Wedding 

Garments cut to have clean, straight lines are great for a city wedding as they create a smart, sophisticated look. And if you'd prefer to wear flats, why not give brogues a go? They're a cool, urban choice. 

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A Country Ceremony 

If you're heading to a country estate for a wedding, it's the perfect opportunity to go a bit more glamorous with a longer dress, a fabulous pattern or pops of colour. 

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A Fashionista Affair

If you're heading to a wedding where the bride and groom (and guests) are very fashion forward, it's a great chance to have fun experimenting with fashion yourself, and to try a trendier look. For example, rather than wearing a shawl or longer coat as a cover up, try a blazer instead. And a midi skirt is always a stylish choice. 

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A Beach Escape

If you're heading abroad or to a beach for a wedding, try a more tropical inspired look with fresh, bright colours. You can also dress a bit more casual, such as pairing a t-shirt with a pretty midi or maxi skirt. And if you really want to, ditch the heels and wear pretty sandal flip flops instead! 

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Top Tips For Shopping For Your Mother of The Bride Outfit 

1. Think outside the box - be prepared to shop at places you didn't expect rather than just sticking to classic bridal boutiques and department stores. Independent fashion boutiques are more likely to have interesting pieces. And don't be afraid of looking online, where you're more likely to find new, interesting pieces given the range. 

2. Be flexible - it's good to have a rough idea of what you're looking for, but if you're too restrictive, you may never find what you had in mind. Instead be open to other ideas and adapt - you might find you end up with a much more interesting and stylish outfit than you ever envisaged. 

3. You don't have to match - wearing a matchy matchy outfit is a 'mother of the bride' cliche. Yes your outfit should be coordinated, but that doesn't mean you can't wear a few different colours and/or prints 

4. There's no 'right' way to dress as the mother of the bride - there's a lot of pressure on looking good as the mother of the bride. But all that really matters if you feel great and comfortable in what you're wearing. For example, if you don't want to wear a dress or skirt, don't! Trousers can look just as cool and chic. 

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