How To Care For Your Clothes So They Last For Years To Come

Sustainability in fashion is a hot topic, with the detrimental impact of fast disposable fashion being increasingly exposed.

At we have always championed slow, sustainable fashion, by encouraging  investing in fewer choice quality pieces that you will love and will last for years. As Dame Vivienne Westwood puts it: “Buy less, Choose well, Make it Last.” 

But whilst quality is key, your garments won’t magically stay perfect unless you take care of them. So here are out top tips for looking after your wardrobe, and ensuring your pieces last:

  1. Machine Wash Sparingly With Care

Always wash dark clothing inside out so they hold their colour and don’t put clothes in the dryer unless the label explicitly says it’s ok to. 

We tend to wash clothes more often than really necessary so, unless an item is visibly dirty or smells, try to avoid washing it; constantly submitting fabrics to soaking, detergent and spinning can wear out clothing. Instead, try to spot clean where possible and…

  1. Invest in a steamer

Since buying a steamer several years ago, I’ve never looked back. It freshens clothes (so less machine washing), saves time, and instantly gets rid of wrinkles. 

True story: I was steaming some clothes whilst setting up one of our pop-ups, and saw a man staring at me through the window. Finally he walked in, and asked “Where can I buy your steamer from?!”. It was that impressive. 

You can buy a steamer relatively cheap, or invest in one with specific fabric settings.

  1. Best wardrobe practices

Always fold your knits – hanging them can stretch them out.

Invest in good hangers – wire and plastic hangers can stretch out the shoulders of your garments, whereas wood or plush arms will help them keep their shape.

Keep your wardrobe cool and dry to avoid mould growth.

Don’t cram your clothes together as it can wear down delicate fabrics.

    1. Goodbye moths

    Moths love undisturbed corners that are dark and warm. So clean out your wardrobe – hoovering the corners and drawers, and wiping the surfaces with a detergent-soaked cloth to kill off larvae. Then put cedar balls, lavender sachets or bars of soap amongst your clothes to keep moths away.

    The real clothes killer is larvae. Larvae can’t live in sub-zero temperatures, so put your clothes in a plastic bag, and leave them in your freezer for 48 hours. And if a garment has already fallen victim to moths, you’ll need to freeze your garment twice – making sure it gets back to room temperature before refreezing – to ensure no more holes appear.

    1. Clean seasonal clothes prior to storing

    If you tend to rotate your clothes between seasons, it’s vital you clean them of potential damaging agents, such as perfume or smoke, before putting them away. 

    1. Unpackage your dry-cleaning

    Avoid the temptation to leave your garment in the plastic dry-cleaning bag; it can trap moisture and the chemicals used in cleaning, which can result in yellowing. 

    1. De-bobble

    Contrary to popular belief, bobbling (pilling) is not a sign of poor quality knitwear. It will happen on almost all knitwear as it is a natural consequence of friction caused through movement. 

    But you can easily remove the pilling either with a fabric shaver or a wool comb. It will gently scrape the textile to remove the bobbles without causing damage to the garment.  


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      Love these tips. Did not see the model of your steamer and have spent 3 days reading reviews and I am still confused on which model or features to get

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