How to Wear Statement Pieces Again and Again

Buying a bold statement piece is always a thrill. I love the mix of uncertainty around wearing a totally new style or colour or shape, with the pure, heart-felt certainty that this might just be the piece I’ll be wearing all summer long.

However, we’ve all been in the situation of getting excited when buying something different or unusual with a particular occasion in mind, only to then look at it after the event and think; when and how can I wear that again?


Well, for me, the first rule of thumb is; if it makes you feel good, that will shine through and others won’t be questioning your style choice but rather where you got that amazing statement piece from.

Too many of us save special statement pieces for “best”, meaning they spend the majority of time collecting dust in the wardrobe. The idea of wearing something so special or different on a casual, daily basis can become alien, especially as we get older. But, again, if the garment makes you feel fabulous, why not wear it more often!? It is often these playful and bold styles which women begin to phase out of their wardrobe as they get older. This is frequently down to the societal pressure to conform and look a certain way rather than a change of personal fashion tastes. However, wonderful individuals such as Iris Apfel or Lyn Slater, the Accidental Icon, have been showing through mediums such as Instagram that being bold in how they dress needn’t be the preserve of younger women.

Whilst they both advocate a maximalist style, I hope to show you how bold pieces can be toned down and worn casually, allowing them to give you joy beyond any single occasion. 

Seanna Skirt – Baum und Pferdgarten

What makes this skirt so special is its voluminous shape and structured black and white design. Although this can also make it seem a daunting piece to incorporate into an outfit, monochrome designs tend to be quite versatile.


 Keeping with the monochromatic colours adds a harmony to the outfit and actually makes it easy to style both formally or more casually. The high-waist fit makes this an ideal skirt for a casually tucked crisp white shirt or a simple black t-shirt.

A pop of colour from a clutch bag or a pair of colourful formal earrings such as the Long Wire Earrings (right) from Longshaw Ward will bring the outfit to life and can make the skirt more formal or relaxed as is appropriate. Alternatively, a block coloured top in a red or green can contrast beautifully with the black and white stripes and add some fun colour to the outfit. 



Shirt in Colour and Block Stripe – Scotch & Soda

Colour block re-emerges as a strong trend every couple of seasons but it never truly goes away. That’s because it is such a striking and versatile way of bringing colour into an outfit. This shirt from Scotch & Soda is such a brilliant example of how a style that can seem quite difficult to pull off can look effortless when worn with the right complementary pieces.

Picking out one colour from the shirt and highlighting it through matching bottoms or accessories is a great way to build an outfit around a colour block piece. The Jetta Pants from Baum und Pferdgarten (right) have a stripe in the exact gold as that on the cuff and collar of the shirt and it adds a continuity across the outfit.What I truly love about this Scotch & Soda shirt is that its base colour of navy makes it super easy to style with so many wardrobe  classics like the Clean Wide Leg Sweat Pants (far right), also from Scotch & Soda, which tone down the boldness of the shirt’s colours whilst keeping a sleek modern look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Printed Safari Shirt with Tie – Scotch & Soda

I love an animal print but until you give it a go, it can often be one of those styles resigned to the “Not for Me” category. Often seen as a look for younger women, I see this Printed Safari Shirt from Scotch & Soda as a perfect example of how the old rules of style have broken down and opened up new bold looks to everyone. 

What’s lovely about this shirt is its relaxed cut which immediately makes the print that little less daunting. The colour in this leopard print shirt is lighter than can often be the case, making it super versatile to be worn with lighter colours, like the bright pink of the Nandini Trousers (far right) as we have done here, as well as playing it safer with dark colours such as a pair of sleek black trousers.

The shirt can be worn open as an overshirt over a simple white t-shirt or maybe a tee in a pastel orange or pink. This breaks up the print, toning down its impact slightly whilst also bringing complimentary colour into the outfit. Our Bee Embroidered T-Shirt (right) from Ingmarson is the perfect fitting tee and made from 100% organic cotton.

The tie detail on this shirt brings a lovely structure but can also be a daunting prospect. For many of us, drawing attention to our waist is not what we want our clothes to do! Tying the knot at the side can give a certain flair whilst avoiding constricting any tums, whilst tying the knot at the back of the shirt can also keep the interest it brings to the garment whilst leaving the shirt comfortable and stylish at the front.

I hope that these styling suggestions demonstrate how a bold piece can easily be worn across different outfits and occasions no matter your age. These pieces needn’t linger in the back of the wardrobe after a special event but instead can be enjoyed for years to come!

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