How We Curate Our Collections

To me, quality and feel are just as important as style and cut. This idea that comfort has to be sacrificed for looking good just isn't true; and if you invest in the right pieces they'll last for years. And you'll always feel good when you wear them, enabling your best self to shine through. 

But, with the plethora of labels and brands out there today, it can take time to filter out the good from the bad. And at we have very high standards - because we believe you deserve them. After all, if you're going to invest in clothes, you want to know it's worthwhile. And we're proud to say it's something so many of you have kindly praised when you buy our pieces and come to our pop-up parties. 

One of the questions I get asked a lot is is how we select the designers and pieces that we feature. So today I thought I'd share the process with you!

The first thing we do is always find out from designers and labels where their products are made and where their fabrics are sourced from. So in Bianca Elgar's case - all her designs are made using silk in Macclesfield, UK - one of the most renowned places for exceptional quality silk. And Korlekie hand-makes and hand-crafts every single one of her pieces in her studio in South London. 

From top to bottom:

The next step is to only work with independent designers who truly care about their product and you. We aren't interested in brands that just want to make a quick buck - we want designers who are deeply passionate about their craftsmanship. So it's not been unheard of for designers to contact me to tell me they're changing the fabric or manufacturer of a particular design because they won't accept anything less than the best. 

Designer Alice Tibble of Neue is a 1st Class Graduate from London College of Fashion and started her own label after working at Calvin Klein and Catherine Malandrino. Her passion for high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail shines through all her pieces. Seen here: Our Bellarose Top by Neue. 

Conversely, at times when meeting designers and agents, they have been shocked at my studying the fabric composition of the garments. To me that says one thing: they don't really care about quality. So I know straight away they aren't right for 

And we only work with designers who uphold ethical standards. So in the case of Claudia Meller: not only are her stunning wool scarves Made In Britain, all wool used is cruelty free. 

3 of our 5 100% supremely soft light wool scarves by Claudia Meller. From top to bottom: Marble Green; Exclusive Marble Burgundy (co-designed by our founder); Teal Kaleidoscope

Once a label has passed the initial hurdles, how do we select the particular garments for our collections?

When it comes to style, we select the pieces that are modern, but still won't date in years to come. Plus everything we choose has to be highly wearable and versatile. We're very proud that pieces we sell have since been featured in the likes of Vogue, The Sunday Times Style, Grazia, Stylist and more. 

Top: Our Gold Brocade Shari Skirt with invisible pockets by Baum Und Pferdgarten is in this year's November UK Vogue. Bottom: Our Faux Fur Dovo Coat with corduroy Sleeves and a polka dot lining by Baum Und Pferdgarten has been featured in the likes of Stylist Magazine

We also work closely with the designers to ensure we pick pieces that will work on different figures - so, as our models prove, you don't have to be super tall and slim to look great in our collections. Sometimes we add a sleeve here, or change the colour there, always with you in mind. 

As to the quality aspect, myself and team prides ourself on our deep and up-to-date understanding of fabrics. From naturals to synthetics, we understand the good from the bad, and why one fabric might (or might not be) the right choice for a particular garment. If we don't believe the correct fabric has been chosen for the purpose, we won't include that piece - no matter how great it looks. Because to us, practicality is just as important as how it looks.

Our chequered alpaca and wool blend Dodo coat by Baum Und Pferdgarten has a special thermal layer made of Meida which is used in astronaught suits - to make sure you keep extra warm in the winter and don't have to wear loads of layers underneath! 

Of course with quality comes cost. So we make sure that everything we choose is of a price that fairly represents the artisan skill, design and love that has gone into each garment. If we think it's overpriced, we won't sell it. And that's also where the versatility aspect comes in - we want you to have great cost per wear. As style-lover and customer E.B. told us "I don't think I've ever had a top I've worn so often in such a space of time and received so many compliments!" 

Our Darcy ColourBlock V-Neck Sweater with side slits is 100% A-Grade Mongolian Cashmere

But that's all very well coming from me - but how can you know that we are picking quality pieces? 

That's why we started out 'Fabrics Up-Close' series - so that you can stay abreast of all the technological advancements with fabrics, and understand why particular ones may have been chosen.

From busting myths to do with polyester and viscose, to the history of wax hollandais, we share with you our top tips on working out what fabrics are right for you. And next week we're going to discuss natural fibres - because there are some myths that need dispelling there too!

Plus if you scroll down on every product page, there is a review section so you can read what other style lovers have thought about our pieces. 

A close up of our exclusive MJ Dress by Sika (co-designed by our founder) - ethically hand-made and hand-crafted by local artisans in Ghana.

So I hope that's offered you some insight into our highly selective curation process and how we pick our fabulously special pieces!  


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