Mothers & Daughters Inspiring Each Other's Style: Shayne & Annabelle

March has been a big month for us so far. Not only have we launched our new season and celebrated our 2nd Anniversary, it's particularly poignant due to Mother's Day. It was on Mother's Day 2013 that I first told my family about my idea for, having kept it to myself for almost a year. 

It was one sentence that really gave me the confidence: "You have to do this." And it came from my mum. 

You all know how much my close relationship with my mum means to me - after all she was the inspiration behind the business. And I can attribute my life long love for fashion and style to her opening my eyes to it at a very young age. 

There's no denying my taste has been influenced by hers, and equally I know my perspective on style has helped hers evolve. We also share shoes, bags and accessories, and we have some of the same pieces from But we still have our own take as we'll style them in different ways. 

Ultimately all our pieces at work for all ages. My rule of thumb is: if I wouldn't want to wear a piece we sell, why should someone older? I always love hearing from you how your daughter has lusted after one of your pieces so much, she's ended up borrowing it loads or even buying her own! The difference simply comes down to styling, and finding pieces that suit who you are today. 

So given the significance of this month, we wanted to celebrate the special mother/daughter relationship, and prove that true style has nothing to do with age. Instead, we can all inspire and pick up tips from each other to broaden our own style horizons. 

With this in mind, we asked 3 mother/daughter couples to select their favourite pieces and style them in their own way. 

Our first 'couple' is Shayne Brodie and her daughter Annabelle.

You may recognise Shayne as leading blogger and model `Ms Silver Linings'. She was rocking our 'Ageism Is Never In Style' badge all over instagram, and has a distinctively beautiful smile and long grey hair, as well as fabulous style. Her equally gorgeous daughter Belle is the co-founder of blog Rebelle that discusses fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Shayne herself developed her sense of unique style because of her mother: "even now when I buy things I try and see them through her eyes, she could wear anything and make it look uniquely hers". Whilst Annabelle's "classic with an edge" approach, focusing on "timeless pieces pieces but teamed with colourful heels and handbags" has clearly been inspired by her mum. 

So I was excited to find out what they'd pick. And without further ado here they are....

Shayne opted for THE dress of the season, the Abbia dress, whilst Annabelle showed off her wild side in our matching Loretta Cami and Teressa capri pants

As you can tell, the weather wasn't ideal, but at least they were able to brighten up the day! 

I love how they both styled their pieces too. Shayne's fab half up top knot, half down shows off her beautiful face and lengthens the look, whilst the gold hoops pick up on the gold and red sparkly cuffs. And her black boots add edge to the feminine floral style. 

Annabelle's head to toe leopard look is fun, and the textured fabrics and relaxed styling keeps it sophisticated. Her green boots are an inspired choice, and I love the effortless addition of the denim jacket and hat. 

What attracted you to the pieces?

Shayne: I picked the dress mainly because of the colour and the print, I find myself more drawn to dresses these days too 

Annabelle: I picked the leopard print top and trousers because I love bold prints and I also really like wearing co-ords right now. 

When you put the pieces on, what did you love most about them?

Shayne: I loved the fabric and aboslutey loved the cuffs - made it more contemporary 

Annabelle: I loved the quality of the material, it was nice and thick. I could wear the cami without a bra and still feel covered and comfortable

What top style tips have you picked up from each other?

Shayne: I love how Annabelle wears her clothes with confidence and is not afraid to add her own twists. She can teach me a thing or two! 

Annabelle: To not shy away from colour. My mum looks great in birght colours, whilst I used to opt for blacks and nudes. But seeing how well mum pulls off bold colour and prints has definitely changed my style to go for the more daring shades. 

How, if at all, does your style differ from each other? And do you think this is influenced by age at all?

Shayne: We do wear each others clothes, I always watch to see how she is wearing it and see if I can do something similar 

Annabelle: I think our styles are very similar. Although I think we differ in the way that my mum knows what looks good on her body shape so she knows exactly what to buy that will flatter her. Whilst I'm a bit more experimental and a lot of my purchases are trial and error. I suppose that comes down to age as my mum has had more practice! 

Shayne and Annabelle clearly are very close and have had a huge impact on each other: they love going shopping together, and Annabelle has been hugely inspired by Shayne's refusal to be a sheep and not follow everyone else, but be a trend setter instead. 

Of course, not all mother/daughter relationships are like this, but even if you dress entirely differently, you will have influenced each other in some way or another. And what Shayne and Annabelle's relationship shows is how much women of all different ages can inspire us. Whether you look to someone older or younger than you, age brings different perspectives and experiences, and there's a lot of joy to be had through admiring and being inspired by this.

 Love to see more of Shayne & Annabelle? 

Shayne's instagram is @mssilverlinings

Annabelle's is @1994rebelle 

 Click the pics to shop the looks:


  • Posted by Jo - Mothet of Teenagers on

    What a great idea for a series and so lovely to hear their fashion stories. There are some great pieces in the new collection and I have my eye on the dress. The pattern is so versatile and Shayne’s styling gives it a modern edge. Great post. Look forward to seeing the others.

  • Posted by Hilda Smith on

    Love the mother daughter pics…great choices

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