Skiwear With Style: Our Collaboration with Winternational Part 1

As a small independent fashion online boutique, I always think it's important to support similar businesses, who share the same ethos and values. I first met Tamsin, founder of online designer skiwear boutique Winternational, over a year ago at a networking event, and we instantly clicked. We're both passionate about supporting independent designers, championing style at every age, and investing in slow sustainable fashion; quality over quantity. 

For some time we've been talking about collaborating as our boutiques sit perfectly alongside each other. Finally a couple of weekends ago we got together to have fun playing dress up in each others' pieces for a mini photoshoot. 

Prior to the photoshoot we decided to select our favourite pieces from the other's website - almost as if we were shopping online. Neither of us had actually seen each others collections in person, so we were left to trust the website entirely. And it's safe to say it worked! Everything we picked fitted perfectly and really suited us, which is a testament to how much dedication and attention we put into selecting the best pieces and offering accurate sizing advice. 

What we really wanted to highlight was how much true style transcends age. Tamsin has children my age, and yet we both loved wearing pieces from each others' collections. As I often say, the difference comes down to styling.  

As there are so many lovely photos - taken by Katie Frost - I've decided to create two posts - one on skiwear and apres ski, and the other on our pieces, which you can discover here


I have only being skiing once and it's safe to say it was not my most stylish hour. I went with my university in 2011, and had forgotten to sort my outfit in advance. So very last minute I had to hire clothing, which wasn't ideal as they only had size L left and I'm very petite.... 

You can see just how unstylish I was from the fact my goggles are upside down. 

I have not been skiing since, but I did love it and actually found I wasn't too bad. So I definitely plan to go back, and this time round I will be investing in proper clothing such as these... 

My first pick was this super chic outfit. The jacket, 'Kelly by Sissy Anna Ski Jacket in White & Silver With Hood', fitted perfectly and was super cozy. And it went really well with the 'Goldbergh Paige Black Skinny Stirrup Ski Pant'. I was concerned they'd be a bit too long for me as I have short legs, but they actually fit perfectly. Tamsin wore the 'Goldbergh Bomba Earth Ski Jacket with Faux Fur Trimmed Hood', which was also one of my favourites due to its sophisticated mink colour. 

Because I'm a magpie, I was obviously also drawn to the 'Goldbergh Nuvola Silver Ski Jacket'. The jacket does come with a fur trim, but we removed it as I don't like to wear real fur (I believe everyone has a choice, it just isn't right for me.). Underneath I wore a thermal layer by S'No Queen to add a bit of sparkle. It felt beautiful to wear, and I'd happily wear it on its own for apres ski.  

Next came my favourite outfit of all. I don't tend to wear slogans much, but I just couldn't resist the 'Goldbergh Dolce Vita Ski Base Layer'. It was so glamorous. I loved the flared sequin sleeves, and the attention to detail heart on the back. I paired it with the 'Goldbergh Hyo Leggings In Natural Leopard Print', and I think it made the perfect outfit. Again, as base thermal layers these could be worn both on the slopes or for apres ski. And when paired with heels, it even looks fabulous for a party! 

Inspired by the leopard print, Tamsin jumped into a photo with me wearing the 'Goldbergh Kuga Ski Base Layer/Pully In Antra' - another stylish option for apres ski. 

Afterwards I put on the same leopard print pull to show just how versatile it is. I paired it with the handy 'Goldbergh Velia black belt bag'

Finally I decided to go full alien and wear the 'Kelly by Sissy Anna Ski Jacket In Pink With Hood.' Pink is my favourite colour so how could I resist it! I loved the flattering black side panels too and the metallic finish. Martian look optional! 

I do hope you love Winternational pieces as much as I do. And head over to Part 2 here.

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