Top Of The Tops: Nailing Video Chat Style

Who would have thought that in 2020 your most intimate relationship would be with your computer’s video camera? And yet here we are. You’ve laughed together, cried together; you’ve been comforted, and you’ve been driven round the bend…  until you’ve finally reached the point of acceptance: you can’t live without each other. 

Whether your preference is Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team, Facetime or something else , no doubt you’re equally grateful and maddened by the fact the main form of communication right now is video chat. And with that, you’ll be more conscious than ever about how your upper body is looking ( the small screen showing yourself back to you doesn’t exactly help). 

And with that, the power of a great top comes into its own. You can keep it comfortable and effortless, whilst still looking pulled together and impress whoever’s on the other ‘line’ (with no one knowing you’re actually still wearing pyjamas on your bottom half). But people might start to get slightly suspicious if you continue to wear the same thing, so to keep things fun and fresh, here are some top tips on what tops to wear depending on the type of call:

The Family Call

You may be tempted to keep things more casual when chatting to family, but why should these occasions be any less important? Show you care by putting together an easy yet effective look, such as pairing a simple top with a cool jacket, such as in denim or cargo. Or why not put on a top that has a particular significance to you and your family, such as one you wore on a special holiday; it can spark conversation and get you all reminiscing about your adventures together. 


The “I’m still keeping it professional” Call 

Raspberry Full Of Luck Blazer & Striped Basic Crewneck Pullover 

A sharp crisp shirt is a fail-safe option. Simple, yet sophisticated, you instantly look pulled together. If it’s a group call, you’ll want to make sure your voice is heard, and an eye-catching outfit will ensure you remain visible and involved. So if you choose a plain shirt, accessorise with a statement necklace or earrings, or alternatively opt for a bold, printed shirt for minimal effort.

For more relaxed work calls, choose a light pullover and a striking jacket or blazer that you can whip on and off between work calls. 


The Drinks With Friends Call

Sunset Blouse

So your living room might not be quite as glamourous as that new swanky bar in town. Well who cares?! Now’s the time to pull out that beautiful blouse and show it off to your friends over drinks. Brighten up their screens with a gorgeous colour or print as you relax into the evening ahead. You deserve it.


The Pub Quiz Call

Forget general knowledge, the true mark of a winner is the outfit they wear.

So now’s the time to pull out the playful knit. Combining modern style with ease, there’s no risk of anyone wondering if you’ve ended up accidentally on the wrong call, and you’ll stay cool under pressure thanks to the more open weave. Plus you’ll look fab for that inevitable victory lap around your living room at the end.

What A Melon Knit

The ‘Oh c**p’ unexpected call

Oh dear, someone’s facetiming you and you look far more dishevelled then you’d like. So make sure you’re prepared next time by relying on bold t-shirts as your ‘go-to’ outfit. Whether they have print, stripes or are just a bright colour, you look dressed with purpose – plus the colours will help distract away from your messy hair. It’s a win win.

Easy Striped T-Shirt

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