Top Tips For Savvy Sale Shopping

It's the time of the year again where sales are everywhere. And in the come down from the festive frenzy, they can add a bit of thrill to an otherwise dull and gloomy January. But there's always the risk of getting too carried away and ending up with post-sale regret. And with a slow, sustainable approach to fashion buying more important than ever, you don't want to end up with lots of pieces that will rarely see the light of day or will be worn once before falling apart. 

So here are our top tips for navigating the sales:

1. Value and worth are two very different things 

One of the biggest pitfalls of sale shopping is focusing too much on the size of the discount or how cheap it is. Yes a 60% discount sounds great, but it isn't worth it if you only kind-of like it. You'll gain more pleasure and wear out of investing in something with a smaller discount, but you truly love.

So the key is to always ask yourself: "If I could have done, would I have bought this at full price?" If the answer is yes, then it's worth it, regardless of how big or small the discount is. Otherwise, stay away.

2. Avoid trend-led buys 

Following on from the previous point, it's easy to be lured into buying an OTT- trend piece because the reduction will probably be very high. But that is for a reason: because the shop knows no one will want it soon. Instead opt for pieces that won't instantly date so you can wear them in different ways over the years, dressed up or down.

We particularly recommend looking for:

- cashmere and wool knits
- unique, statement dresses you'll always feel fabulous in 
- tailored trousers, jackets and blazers
- timeless prints such as animal print, stripes, check and polka dot which never ever go out of style 


(From left to right): 1. Our Wonder Skirt paired with our Molly Pullover in teal; 2. Our 100% cashmere Camomile Jumper paired with our 100% cashmere Racer Pants. 3. Our Bold Bordeaux Blazer paired with our Joanne Captain Cosmic T-Shirt and Bold Bordeaux Pants

3. Try something new 

Have your eye on something, but it's outside your comfort zone? Buying it on sale is a good option. You may have originally been hesitant about paying full price for it out of fear of getting it 'wrong'. And there is no right or wrong - only what's right fo you - it's understandable if you feel it's too much of a risk.

So, if it's now sale, it's a great opportunity to try something new that you love without worrying so much about wasting money on it. And, because you'll feel more comfortable, your confidence will shine through and others will love your new outfit too. 

 4. Try on your sale purchases with the rest of your wardrobe 

One of the biggest advantages of shopping online is you can try on your purchases in the private of your own home, pairing it with other pieces in your wardrobe to make sure it will go with other styles you already own. This is particularly worth doing when buying sale items so you'll avoid making impulse purchases that you'll struggle to wear later. 

5. Join the mailing list 

I know, the thought of your inbox being clogged with lots of spam emails can be off putting. But some mailing lists offer special previews and discounts, so they're worth joining. For example, when you join our Style Club mailing list, not only will you enjoy 10% off your first order, but you will be invited to enjoy our exclusive sale previews and extra discounts so you'll get first pick at the best pieces at the best prices. 

My other top picks from our sale: 


(From left to right): 1. Our Disco Pullover is a modern twist on classic monochrome, featuring a quirky embroidered design with 80s influences; 2. Our raspberry pink Calanthe Jumper is crafted from the finest, long lasting hypoalergenic cashmere, and looks fabulous with our flattering bias cut polka dot Hall Skirt; 3. Our Bonded Check Coat makes a bold statement, and is great for changing weather thanks to its adjustable neckline; 4. Our tiger print Nicky Dress flatters every curve thanks to its wrap cut, whilst the fluted sleeves and asymmetrical hem adds a contemporary touch 



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