Top Tips On Finding Your Best Jeans

Jeans. Love them or hate them, they’re become one of the most defining features of ‘modern’ fashion. And with so many styles around these days, and dress code boundaries becoming blurred, rather than being a lazy casual option, if you find the right ones for you and they can be a chic, stylish base to build the rest of your outfit around. Here are my top tips for finding the best ones for you.

First: low, mid or high rise for your body?

  1. If you have fuller hips and/or want to hide a tummy, opt for mid-rise to high waisted jeans
  2. If you have small hips, try low-rise to show them off
  3. Shorter waist and longer legs? High waisted are best
  4. Long waist but shorter legs? Mid or high are best!

Nicola rocking white jeans with our beautiful Baum Und Pferdgarten blouse available here 

Our other top tips: 

  1. For extra comfort, look for ones that are a combination of cotton and elastic
  2. When buying online, look for brands that offer free returns and shipping – then you can buy a bunch and try them on at home to find the right pair
  3. You’re never too old for ‘on trend’ jeans e.g. distressed, frayed hems. But don’t spend too much on them because they’ll look dated quicker. Save your money for expensive more classic jeans
  4. Skinny jeans aren’t great for everyone – especially if you have larger thighs. Instead try slim boyfriend jeans – they won’t be as baggy as normal ones, but equally won’t cling in the wrong places
  5. Darker blue jeans are typically more slimming. Or try black for an edgier look
  6. If you’re short (like me) buy cropped jeans – they’ll be full length on you!

Alex Bruni strutting her stuff in dark blue skinnies with our hand-crafted denim jacket by Korlekie available here 


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