What Makes Our Curated Collections Special

When I founded the-Bias-Cut.com my mission was to cut through and end ageism in the Fashion Industry. And, of course, that is still my mission. But I also wanted to do this without compromising my own values that believe in quality, integrity, supporting independent designers, and fair manufacturing processes. I wanted to be able to offer discerning, stylish women of all ages a destination where they could find those special pieces that would really make them feel great, both from a design and an ethical standpoint.

Inevitably that means we aren’t High Street. And we don’t want to be. Instead we support premium and contemporary designers that make our pieces quality without the high luxury designer price tag.

Of course the term ‘luxury’ is highly subjective, but my use of it here is relative to the several different market levels within the Fashion Industry.  For those of you who don’t know the hierarchy of accessibility, it is:


Given its position in the middle, premium is one of the most powerful areas in Fashion at the moment. So, as well as it allowing us to maintain our values, we also feel this is the best place to make our anti-ageist message, as it is most likely to be noticed by and have an impact on both higher and lower market levels.

But even though we support premium contemporary labels, that doesn’t mean we are open to them all. Our curation process sets high thresholds in order for us to find the right pieces for you. It is something we’re very proud of as we take great time, care and consideration over every single piece we feature in our collections. There is a reason it is there, and I wanted to share that with you.

Rather than me rambling on, we asked fashion illustrator Scarlett Josse to illustrate our process so you can really understand it from start to finish. Because, after all, it’s much nicer looking at pretty pictures!

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