Nicola Steer has been involved in the antique jewellery business from childhood. She felt now the time was right to explore and design a jewellery range fusing old with new. With people appreciating and more aware of the quality of vintage jewellery, the Hooked jewellery label was launched to create wonderful individual, distinctive unique jewellery combining pieces from the past with pieces from today.

Every necklace in the collection is unique and hand made and conceived by Nicola, with themes for everyone to enjoy! You will never see any two necklaces the same because each and every necklace is created using vintage charms, and where possible vintage chain, making every necklace individual, and every combination of charms is unique! You are purchasing a one of a kind luxury piece of jewellery.

If you would like your own unique Hooked necklace with charms of specific significance to you, please email contact@the-bias-cut.com and Nicola would be happy to source charms and create a bespoke necklace for you. 

Our Founder Says:

"Hooked's sterling silver necklaces really are charming! As well as being of the highest quality, when everything is so ubiquitous these days, it's wonderful how each piece is truly special and unique. Hooked is currently only available in of the world's leading luxury department stores, so it is an honour for them to become a part of our family too."

Time To Tell You Sterling Silver One-Of-A-Kind Necklace