L2 by Loma London

Lorna Masters first embarked on her quest to design a luxury sweater collection that focused on quality and integrity back in 2012. Whilst she is British and studied fashion design at London’s Royal College of Art, she first launched Loma in Australia and United States, being largely inspired by a mixture of architecture, androgyny and the effortless way musicians dress.

Given the success of Loma, she has now launched its sister label L2, which mirrors Loma’s aesthetic and features the highest standard A-Grade Mongolian cashmere. We are proud to have been selected to be one of the first online retailers of this label, and be amongst other highly prestigious labels selling Master’s painlessly cool collections.

Our Founder Says:

“If it wasn’t love at first sight with L2 by Loma, it was certainly love at first touch. The exceptional quality is immediately evident, whilst the relaxed silhouettes and colour pallets, combined with their subtly modern designs, really make this label stand out. They offer what everyone wants from cashmere, but is oh so difficult to find.”

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