They Say, We Say: Our New Ageism Is Never In Style Campaign

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Introducing our new campaign: They Say, We Say

Eradicating ageism isn’t just about representation; it’s about changing the narrative around ageing as a whole. And that extends from what we see, to the actions we take, to the words we speak.

In fashion, over the past 5-10 years there’s been undeniable progress; from older models on the runway and in campaigns, to even designers themselves calling out ageism. So much so, that the media paints a picture that age-inclusivity is becoming the norm, and ageism is something of the past.

But is this reflective of the truth?

Here at The Bias Cut & Ageism Is Never In Style, we witness and hear personal anecdotes of ageist experiences and behaviour on a daily basis, both in the fashion industry and society at large. So whilst the optics might be positive, the reality is that ageism is still very much alive. And we must not – and cannot – white wash over this.

So what can we do?

Today we’re launching our new campaign ‘They Say, We Say’ – a social media campaign driven by YOU that highlights your personal experiences of ageism, and defiantly stands up against it.

Did ‘they say’ you’re too old to be a model? Did ‘they say’ you’re irrelevant at your age? Did ‘they say’ grey hair makes you look old? Well “we say AGEISM IS NEVER IN STYLE” - united and proud.

Supported by the likes of actress Julie Graham, founder of White Hot Hair Jayne Mayled and many others, our aim is to expose every day ageism, raise awareness, and celebrate women at every age.

We've also teamed up with our friend Catherine Grace O'Connell for a special giveaway to celebrate the launch of the campaign. Head over to this post on instagram to find out more. 

How join the campaign on Instagram:

Use #AgeismIsNeverInStyle to be a part of the united movement, and then tag 5 friends, encouraging and empowering them to share their experience.

Tag us too at @ageismsieneverinstyle we can share & further raise awareness. 

And together let’s expose ageism today for what it is: ugly, toxic and never in style.

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