Our Story

the first online age-inclusive independent fashion boutique

"The old, ageist and restrictive rules about style for women as they get older simply  don't apply anymore.  Style doesn't fade, it evolves, and every woman deserves to feel as fabulous as they are today."
the-Bias-Cut was founded in 2016 by Jacynth Bassett after growing saddened & frustrated at seeing women, like her mum, being treated as invisible or irrelevant by the fashion industry as they aged.   It became her mission to cut through and end ageism in fashion by creating a shopping destination that challenged the industry's ageist ideals & proudly celebrated women of all ages.   Today Jacynth is recognised as a leading "Ageism-Fighting Trailblazer", pioneering age inclusivity and ending ageism in fashion.
We curate collections to feature the best pieces by independent designers that combine beautiful quality, flattering cuts, and modern style in equal measure.   All our contemporary labels offer a unique, joyful point of view. Their designs transcend trends and age, and embrace the discerning, independent woman with attitude.  Committed to slow, sustainable, ethical style, our quality pieces are to be loved now and for years to come.
We feature non-professional models of different ages, shapes, sizes  & ethnicities.   We pride ourselves on our expert understanding of sizing, cut and fit, resulting in a return rate 1/4 of online average. And you can shop by your body shape & areas you want to show off or cover  So you can shop with confidence knowing what will look great on you.
In 2016 we launched our Ageism Is Never In Style movement & campaign to challenge ageism fashion & push for change. Our global community unites women & men around the world who share our demand for change and actively want to learn more, inspire one another, and make a difference.   2018 saw the launch of our badge campaign in conjunction with London Fashion Week. Thanks to its roaring success, the badges are now permanently available and free to order.