If you don't have a defined waist, and weight tends to form on the stomach, you are apple shaped (a very common shape for women particularly over 40 due to hormones). 

To avoid looking top heavy, you will want to balance your shape by creating an illusion of a waist, highlighting your cleavage and/or lengthening your body with long vertical lines. Ideal pieces include:

V shaped or scooping necklines  

Tops and jackets that fall to the hips or lower rather than stopping at your waist 

Tailored jackets that accentuate your waist 

Dresses and skirts that stop at the knee - apple shaped women tend to have fab legs! 

Shift dresses with slight structure that will flatter your curves without clinging to them or making you look like a tent! 

Vertical lines for lengthening your body 

Fabric that sweeps diagonally across the body 

Slim fitting trousers and skirts 

    Also make sure to invest in a really well fitting, supportive bra!

    But to save you the hassle of finding these perfect pieces, our expert stylists have curated this collection specially for you: