Jacynth, an "Ageism-Fighting Trailblazer"

"Jacynth is a trailblazer. Her unapologetic take on fighting ageism in the fashion industry is a refreshing and much needed antidote to the prevailing narrative that women after a certain age become invisible and matter less in terms of style options. Alongside her wonderful clothing company for women of all ages - which emphatically proves her point - she's a voice of sanity, reason and wisdom, constantly speaking out the ageism she sees."

Born and raised in London, from an early age Jacynth developed a love for fashion and style, appreciating its significance in personal identity and emotional wellbeing.   However she grew saddened and frustrated by the fashion industry, after seeing women, like her mum, being alienated by it as they aged. So she became resolved to fight and end ageism in fashion once and for all.


Committed to championing age-inclusivity in fashion, Jacynth is has become recognised as a leading pioneer of style at every age. Named as an 'ageism-fighting trailblazer' by Global Health Ageing, she regularly writes, speaks and commentates on ageism in fashion, ageless style and age-inclusivity.  Features include: The Guardian; HighSnobiety; Business Insider; Forbes; New Statesman; Cosmopolitan; The Sunday Telegraph (Australia); and Yahoo!  Jacynth has also been the monthly style columnist for various leading 40+ platforms,  and chaired (B)old Festival's 'Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains' talk at the Southbank Centre in 2018

Jacynth regularly lends her expertise on ageism, ageing and fashion to aid and consult charities, organisations, research projects, and businesses.  In 2019 she founded 'Advocates For Ageing' - a collective of professionals all addressing ageism and/or challenging the narrative around ageing.   Jacynth is on the Advisory Committee for The Representation And Inclusion In The Fashion Industry Policy Paper by Fashion Roundtable (working with the All Parliamentary Group For Textiles and Fashion).  ·      She hosted and styled Lewisham Council’s ‘Ageing With Style’ charity fashion show and auction for their ‘Age Against The Machine’ festival ‘19.  And her talk  “Fashion For All Ages: Humans Not Consumers” at leading UK Fashion Trade shows PURE London & MODA  in July ‘19 was named as a  highlight by Fibre2Fashion.