Meet Jacynth, our award-winning "Ageism-Fighting Trailblazer" Founder

"Jacynth is a trailblazer. Her unapologetic take on fighting ageism in the fashion industry is a refreshing and much needed antidote to the prevailing narrative that women after a certain age become invisible and matter less in terms of style options. Alongside her wonderful clothing company for women of all ages - which emphatically proves her point - she's a voice of sanity, reason and wisdom, constantly speaking out the ageism she sees."

Jacynth Bassett is our award-winning Founder & CEO of The Bias Cut - the first age-inclusive online womenswear shopping platform - and our movement Ageism Is Never In Style® .   Accredited as an 'Ageism-Fighting Trailblazer' by Global Health Ageing, Jacynth is a pioneer, leading the way for social change and age inclusivity in fashion and society, and was named Of Evening Standard's 22 Londoners Changing The World In 2022. Born and raised in London, from an early age Jacynth developed a love for fashion and style, appreciating its significance in personal identity and emotional wellbeing. However she grew saddened and frustrated by the fashion industry, after seeing women, like her mum, being alienated by it as they aged. So she became resolved to fight and end ageism in fashion once and for all.   Whilst studying Law at Cambridge University, Jacynth identified the need to disrupt fashion’s perception of age, and to create a shopping destination that empowers women to embrace the best versions of themselves today. After graduating, she used her minimal savings to independently develop and launch The Bias Cut - the first age-inclusive independent fashion online boutique - and movement Ageism Is Never In Style® in 2016.

Activism. Jacynth is a leading and highly sought-after pioneer and voice in the anti-ageism & age-inclusive  movement.   Relentlessly committed to this mission, Jacynth  also regularly lends her expertise on ageism, ageing and fashion to aid and consult businesses, charities, organisations, research projects  that are aiming to tackle ageism and create a more age-inclusivity society.


Believing that education is the foundation for any change, Jacynth is committed to furthering education around age, gendered ageism, stereotyping and often unintentional subconscious and damaging bias.  Jacynth is a Governor at a Girl’s Day School Trust School, and is on the alumnae committee at women-only college Murray Edwards at Cambridge University. She also regularly supports and speaks to students at university and college level who are studying fashion, entrepreneurship and diversity.