Our Story

The Bias Cut is the first age-inclusive multi-label premium womenswear online shopping platform, leading the way for social changes and aiming to end ageism in the fashion industry.

Our mission is simple: to empower women of all ages to embrace and invest in the best versions of themselves today


"Style & fashion should be joyful, a form of personal expression,

and a celebration of who you are at any age"

Jacynth Bassett - Our Founder & CEO

Est. 2016

Founded in 2016, The Bias Cut is the award-winning independent boutique pioneering age-inclusivity in fashion and beyond.

Age-inclusivity is embedded into our DNA:


  • Age-diverse models
  • All-female team spans 5 decades
  • Uniquely curated collections that balance understanding women's changing bodies with modern style
  • Tailored filters, empowering you to find the best pieces for who you are today
  • Award-winning activism campaign & community Ageism Is Never In Style®

Founded by daughter, inspired by mother

The Bias Cut was founded by award-winning 'Ageism Fighting Trailblazer' Jacynth Bassett after growing saddened & frustrated at seeing women, like her mum, being reated as invisible or irrelevant, largely due to their age.

It became her mission to create a platform that challenged the fashion industry's ageist ideals, and proudly celebrate women of all ages.

Ageism Is Never In Style®

"Ending Ageism means being empowered with the choice to age however we wish"
Jacynth Bassett - Our Founder & CEO

Founded in 2016, Ageism Is Never In Style® is the award-winning leading campaign and movement against ageism, and for age-inclusivity and age-positivity.

Spearheaded by our founder Jacynth, Ageism Is Never In Style®'s mission is to expose ageism, disrupt & change the narrative. Community driven, with a view to educating, sparking conversation and igniting change, we create ground-breaking and empowering campaigns - including the viral, global #ILookMyAge (30+ MILLION UGC views) - that challenge and disrupt ageist attitudes and celebrate the privilege of ageing.

Ageism Is Never In Style® works directly with businesses, organisations, non-profits & charities, offering unrivalled and refreshing understanding, knowledge and expertise on ageism and age-inclusivity.

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