Our Story

The Bias Cut is the first age-inclusive multi-label premium womenswear online shopping platform, leading the way for social changes and aiming to end ageism in the fashion industry.

Our mission is simple: to empower women of all ages to embrace and invest in the best versions of themselves today


"Style & fashion should be joyful, a form of personal expression,

and a celebration of who you are at any age"

Jacynth Bassett - Our Founder & CEO

Est. 2016

Founded in 2016, The Bias Cut is the award-winning independent boutique pioneering age-inclusivity in fashion and beyond.

Age-inclusivity is embedded into our DNA:


  • Age-diverse models
  • All-female team spans 5 decades
  • Uniquely curated collections that balance understanding women's changing bodies with modern style
  • Tailored filters, empowering you to find the best pieces for who you are today
  • Award-winning activism campaign & community Ageism Is Never In Style®

Founded by daughter, inspired by mother

The Bias Cut was founded by award-winning 'Ageism Fighting Trailblazer' Jacynth Bassett after growing saddened & frustrated at seeing women, like her mum, being reated as invisible or irrelevant, largely due to their age.

It became her mission to create a platform that challenged the fashion industry's ageist ideals, and proudly celebrate women of all ages.

Ageism Is Never In Style®

"Ending Ageism means being empowered with the choice to age however we wish"
Jacynth Bassett - Our Founder & CEO

Founded in 2016, Ageism Is Never In Style® is the award-winning leading consultancy, campaign and community against ageism, and for age-inclusivity and age-positivity. 

Originally a sister brand to The Bias Cut, Ageism Is Never In Style® was launched with the aim of furthering its age-inclusive values, and being a global platform and safe space that unites people to inspire one another, to spark discussion and debate, and to inform, educate and transform attitudes.

From day 1, Ageism Is Never In Style® has been at the forefront of this movement, and over the past 8 years it has grown to become a global force: from creating its own original and viral campaigns such as #ILookMyAge and Strike Out Ageism; to brands and businesses seeking its consultancy, expertise and insight; to its community growing to over 200K…

As such, today Ageism Is Never In Style® is its own independent entity, and it 'consicously uncoupled' from The Bias Cut as of 2024.

Ageism Is Never In Style® continues to be spearheaded by our “Ageism-Fighting Trailblazer“ founder Jacynth; meanwhile The Bias Cut remains its exclusive official retail partner, and is extremely proud to continue to support all its pioneering and groundbreaking work. 

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