Ageism Is Never In Style® by The Bias Cut

Ageism Is Never In Style by The Bias Cut



Founded in 2016, Ageism Is Never In Style is The Bias Cut's age-inclusive movement & community created by our "Ageism-Fighting Trailblazer" founder, Jacynth Bassett. As the leading campaign against ageism and championing age-inclusivity in Fashion, our mission is to expose ageism, change the narrative, disrupt and empower.



Strike Out Ageism is our new campaign, in partnership with women's health charity Wellbeing of Women, that challenges well-known ageist - and sexist - phrases and attitudes, transforming them into empowering statements.   Our mission is simple: to expose, disrupt and change ageist language, unconscious biases and the terminology of everyday life, and we encourage women of all ages to join.   To support the campaign, we have created an exclusive thought-provoking collection, and 20% of proceeds from sales of the ‘Strike Out Ageism’ collection will be donated to Wellbeing Of Women, a UK charity that invests in pioneering research into women's health including fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, women's cancers and other gynaecological conditions.